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Mundorf MLytic Audio Grade MLGO Capacitors

Mundorf M-Lytic AG Audio Grade Power Capacitors - MLGO

The Mundorf MLytic AG Audio Grade Power Cap series is especially engineered for use in small power and pre-amplifiers. They are a snap-in capacitor and so particularly suitable for new builds, upgrades, repairs and modiļ¬cations.
Great replacement for the now-defunct Black Gate capacitors.


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Examples of Mundorf M-Lytic Audio Grade Power Capacitors.
Examples of Mundorf M-Lytic Audio Grade Power Capacitors.

Robin Gauld, Townsville (previous MLSI model): "WOW!!! I had no idea that these two little caps would have such a big effect. thanks, Robin."

Specifications MLGO (MLYTIC GLUE-ON):

  • Long life span
  • Compact size
  • Temperature Range for 16V to 63V: -40°C/-40°F to +125°C/+255°F
  • Temperature Range for 80V to 160V: -25°C/-13°F to +105°C/+220°F
  • Tolerance: ± 20%
  • Max. Reverse Voltage: 2V
  • Leakage Current (IL): ≤0.008 * CR (uF) * UR (V) + 6uA after 5 minutes at UR
  • ESL: 20nH equivalent series inductance
  • Certification: DIN 41332; IEC 60384-4; RoHS Compliant; REACH Compliant
  • Made in Germany
  • External Insulation: Lead free; PVC sleeve with end disk; voltage-proof 2500A
  • Terminal Leads: Non-magnetic, straight, tinned copper wires 1.2mm x 9mm (Ø x L) - about AWG17


Mundorf Audio Grade Power Cap Size.
Mundorf Audio Grade Power Cap Size.

Technical Information:

Electrolytic Capacitors Aluminium oxide (Al2O3) forms the dielectric in all Mundorf electrolytic capacitors. It is also called clay or electrocorundum and is sometimes found as a natural mineral whose crystals are known to us as ruby or sapphire. Al2O3 is an extremely hard and resistant insulator with high heat conductivity. In particular, aluminium oxide is characterised by very high dielectric strength and ultra-thin layer thickness and thus allows the manufacture of extremely compact capacitors with an excellent price / performance ratio.

Polarised Electrolytic Capacitors possess the most compact of structural forms and are therefore used at very high capacities, as required for example, in the voltage supply of amplifiers. However, since they are not AC voltage-proof, polarised electrolytic capacitors cannot transmit audio signals.

MLytic Power Capacitors have a whole range of special features, all of which serve one purpose: the most authentic music playback possible. A basic requirement for achieving this aim is to minimise the undesired resistance losses (ESR - equivalent series resistance) and inductance effects (ESL - equivalent series inductance) occurring in the capacitor that impact negatively on the original signal. The use of high-purity materials for the anode foil and the highest production precision ensure a homogeneous etching structure of the crystalline aluminium oxide layer, the actual basis for detailed music playback with balanced sound character. The use of a special, titanium-coated cathode foil allows capacitors with unusually low ESR values characterised by "holographic" spatial music playback with broad and deep on-stage representation and absolutely stable focus. Between these two foils Mundorf combine highly flowable, chloride-free and largely water-free long-life electrolytes with extremely soft special paper (mostly abaca-esparto paper) that is characterised by high mechanical stability, outstanding internal damping and electrolyte absorption capacity. Moreover, they do not use magnetisable, inflexible, poorly conducting steel for the connectors (global snap-in standard); instead Mundorf exclusively use highly conductive tin-plated copper wires for the highest currents, alongside the familiar, multiple-contact, solid aluminium screw terminals.