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IC Adapters

IC Adapters

Convert one type of IC mounting to another, such as SO8 to DIL. Great for prototyping, upgrades, modifications and where original parts are no longer available.

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We offer a range electronic component printed circuit board (PCB) adapters from BrownDog and others to help with audio upgrading and modifications, prototyping, servicing, design and development.

Semiconductor manufacturers are continually introducing new components that are only offered in surface mount packages; these components are typically very small and difficult to incorporate into audio or prototype circuits. Moreover, manufacturers are making DIP devices obsolete at an ever increasing rate, making upgrading or servicing existing systems a difficult proposition. Our adapters provide a solution to both of these problems; they are small circuit boards that allow easy mounting of SMT components. They can then be plugged into most standard circuit boards. These adapters also convert through-hole components (DIL or DIP) to alternate footprints, either DIP or surface mount.