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Danish Audio ConnecT, or DACT, specialise in simple, straightforward but highly effective audio products. Having made their name with the hugely successful CT1 stepped attenuator (now superseded by the CT2), they have now progressed into other products such as selector switches, pre-amplifiers and phono amplifiers. All are made with the same care to details and make excellent upgrades or even compete products in their own right.

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High-end audio components are designed especially for DIY upgrades and for high-end audio manufacturers. Design your own high-end audio equipment at a fraction of the price of off the shelf equipment.

Stepped attenuators ranging from 1 to 8 gang.                Stepped attenuators ranging from 1 to 8 gang.
Stepped attenuators ranging from 1 to 8 gang.

DACT also produce a range of accessories such as a power supply, stainless steel knobs, connection cables, balance controls and selector switches. All will compliment the above products very well and can be used to construct your own equipment or modify you existing equipment to a higher level!