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Blaupunkt Car Radios

Blaupunkt Car Audio

With the 'Blue Dot' in your car, you can be sure you have products of excellent quality that are superior in design, performance and reliability. These units will sound and look great in your European car (or any car for that matter!), especially the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Maserati and more. Great as replacements for Becker car radios, many new model Becker units had the same or similar wiring, so can easily be replaced. Units such as the Europa, Grand Prix and Mexico were quite similar in performance.

A Brief History of Blaupunkt:

In 1932 the first European car radio from the Ideal company, the model Blaupunkt AS-5, laid the foundation for the current automotive sound systems. That voluminous apparatus for medium and long wave took up nearly ten litres of space more than sixty years ago. Special car antennas did not exist. The antenna wire was stretched under the roof or under the floorboards. Due to its capacity this great-grand-father of the car radio could not be placed within the driver's reach. A remote control by the steering wheel was the perfect answer back then - an apparatus limited to only comfortable top-end cars. This car radio was 465 Reichsmark and so one third of the price of a small car. In the 1920's Blaupunkt still had another name. In 1923 - when radio broadcasting made its first sound in Germany - the 'Ideal' company was founded in Berlin. It first produced headphones. Every single item was carefully tested by technicians and labelled with a quality symbol - the blue point.