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Speaker Grilles / Grills

Soundlabs speaker grills include acoustic grill cloth, speaker grille clips as well as metal grilles and plastic grills. The acoustic grille cloth has a variety of applications including speaker grille replacement / repairs, speaker manufacturers, home cinema and entertainment units, kitchen cabinets, carpentry, interior design, in-wall speakers, acoustic panels, amongst others.

Our grilles may be used by speaker builders, car audio enthusiasts, interior designers and architects.

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Speaker Cloth Black 0.5m Wide
Speaker Cloth Black 0.5m Wide $28.00 per metre length
Grille 16RS
Grille 16RS $21.00 each
Grille FRS 7
Grille FRS 7 $14.00 each
Grille FR 12
Grille FR 12 $13.00 each
Grille 10 PL
Grille 10 PL $10.00 each
Grille 9x15 PL
Grille 9x15 PL $10.00 each
Grille Effect 80
Grille Effect 80 $25.00 per pair