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Buying and Building a RetroSound Radio

Buying a RetroSound Radio for your Classic Car - How do I tell which radio is right for me and how do I know if it will fit?

If you are restoring a classic car it might have been changed or altered since new. Someone may have changed the radio, someone may have changed or modified the dash. Your car might have been manufactured in a different country to what some of the others are so the measurements for the radios can be different.

These radios are designed in the US by Retromanufacturing so we have adapted them for Australian cars such as Holdens, Fords and Valiants. We carry the largest range of RetroSound in Australia and find these radios incredibly reliable.

Checking whether or not a radio will fit your dash....

1. Measure the cutout in your dash - Measure the length x the height please don't send photos with rulers in front of things as your measurements as these can look different when viewed at different angles. Write your measurements down and let us know.
2. Measure Centre to Centre on any knob holes drilled separately.
3. Check the dimensions of the radio that you are thinking of using. Have a look on the page of the radio you want to use the dimensions are all there including the faceplate. Make sure the face (in the case of the radio below) 90mm x 38mm will it fit through the hole in your dash?
Please note:- The following radios have different face dimensions, Apache, Redondo, Wonderbar, Huntington, Detroit, Dallas, Daytona, Denver, Monterey and New York. Also the Santa Cruz has different face and body measurements.
4. Check the size of your faceplate see example below. All of the sizes for faceplates are on the website usually a few paragraphs down.
5. If you need help please call us during normal office hours, please take photos of your dash and email your dimensions to us we can help with solutions.
6. Search by Make and Model
7. Can't find what you want? Ask us or Build Your Own radio see details below.
8. Select your options on the page for the radios.
9. Do you have an antenna, speakers and do you want an amplifier?

Contact Heather for help email or during office hours phone 0413 057 272 or 02 4872 1553.

Do you have an Australian Built Car?

If you have an Australian Holden, Ford or Valiant then these radios haven't been designed specifically for them. We have sourced faceplates, and knobs specifically to give you the right look as much as possible with modern features and reliability. They may not be as perfect looking as the originals but many restorers are happy with the authentic look it gives to their car.

Build Your Own Radio - RetroSound

The RetroSound range is designed to allow you to choose the look you want to achieve the most original or different look for your project. Whether you are restoring a car for an original look and feel or just pleasing yourself. The RetroSound range allows you to customise your radio. If you have questions call us.

1. Measure the cut out size in your dash and compare with the radio there are measurements on the page of the radio or faceplate. Measure width by height in mm and centre to centre on the holes for radio knobs if drilled separeately. Check for any issues of overhanging dash curves and limitations for faceplate sizes. If in doubt contact us photos always come in handy. Using the links below...
2. Choose your radio add it to the basket radio body (select Motor Type for features required plus any accesories).
3. Pick your faceplate or bezel add it to your basket.
4. Pick your knobs, then pick screen protectors if you want them add them to your basket.
5. Remember we also have aerials, amplifiers, speakers (please measure they will fit before ordering) and accessories add them to your basket and checkout.
6. Contact us if you have problems. Email: Heather


RetroRadio Face Dimensions

RetroRadio Face Dimensions

RetroRadio Motor Dimensions