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Amplifier Modules

Our amplifier modules are the ideal solution for adding audio into small places. Their compact design allows flexibility so you can add sound into projects such as building computers, audio industry products, distributed audio, commercial & industrial applications. They are modular and range from low power to high power. You'll also find a loudspeaker protection module here which allows you to protect midrange speakers and tweeters of all impedances in case of overload by excessive level peaks.

Our DACT CT100 is ideal for the most demanding applications requiring accurate RIAA equalisation, very low noise, extremely low distortion and superior sonic performance. The CT100 is a pre-assembled PCB ready for building into an enclosure or even better into your turntable (shorter signal cables). The high output voltage from the CT100 gives it an equivalent output to other signal sources like CD-players.

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DACT Phono Stage RIAA Preamp CT-100
DACT Phono Stage RIAA Preamp CT-100 $1,695.00 each - special order