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Damping & Deadening Materials

Damping is necessary for the removal of unwanted resonances from your speaker drivers, compliances can be increased in the speaker enclosure as well as efficiency. The air flow can be reduced behind the driver. Effectively it damps or stops the ringing effect therefore impeding it.

Vibration Reduction and Deadening for Surfaces.

We have a bituminous deadening sheets suitable for reducing vibration and ringing from metal and thin wooden surfaces such as the lid of your DVD or CD Player plus inside speaker boxes and car interiors. Many devices do not utilise such deadening and those that do often only apply it to a small area. Our deadening sheets will help prevent unwanted noises being caused by the vibration from music along with making your unit more solid!


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Damping Foam
Damping Foam $33.00 per piece 0.5 x 1m
Polyester Damping Material
Polyester Damping Material $9.00 to fill 20 litres
Cone Damping Liquid LTS-50
Cone Damping Liquid LTS-50 $23.00 per 50 ml bottle