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Balance Controls

The DACT CT4 stepped stereo balance controls compliment the CT2 stepped attenuators and are made to the same high precision and quality. The 25 kOhm balance control is designed especially for 10 kOhm attenuators and the 250 kOhm balance control for 100 kOhm (or lower) attenuators.

DACT CT4 stepped balance control.
DACT CT4 stepped balance control.


  • High-end sound.
  • Precision balance control with 1/4 dB balance adjustment.
  • Non-inductive SMD resistor network.
  • All contacts and connectors gold plated.


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Number of steps
Channel balance adjustment range
+/-3 dB
Channel balance adjustment resolution
+/-0.25 dB (+/-0.5dB)
0.0001 %
Attenuation accuracy
+/-0.05 dB
Channel matching
+/-0.05 dB
Mechanical life, min.
>25,000 cycles
Contacts and wiper
Hard-gold plated


Balance Adjustment Curve

DACT CT4 balance adjustment curve.
DACT CT4 balance adjustment curve.


DACT CT4 circuit diagram.
DACT CT4 circuit diagram.