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Selector Switches


Very compact audio selector switches that switch between 3, 5 or 6 sources (depending on model). All contacts and connections are gold plated for long life even in the most challenging environments. Same basic construction and size as the DACT CT2 audio attenuators and CT4 balance controls. Can be used in all sorts of applications, projects, upgrades or manufacturing. Switch audio signals or other types of signals with this high precision, quality multi-position rotary switch. The CT3 switches two channels simultaneously (stereo) or 8 channels for AV purposes. For both channels, it switches signal AND ground. This is an effective way to minimise the risk of creating ground loops.

DACT CT3 selector switches.
DACT CT3 selector switches.


  • Very compact audio input selector switch.
  • All contacts are gold plated for long lifetime even in hot and humid environments.
  • Same basic construction and size as the DACT CT2 audio attenuator.
  • Ideal together with DACT CT2 stepped attenuator for active or passive preamplifiers.
  • High reliability.
  • Matches perfectly with DACT CT2 audio attenuators.

Typical Applications

  • Input selector in Do-It-Yourself Hi-fi / audio projects.
  • Input selector switch in active or passive preamplifiers.
  • Selector switch in professional audio equipment.
  • Switch for long lifetime applications.
  • Test equipment selector switch.

8-Pole Input Selector Switch

This product is basically a dual deck and is designated CT3-5-8/wire. CT3-5-8/wire is like CT3-5-4 mainly an audio input selector switch. It still has 5 positions but has 8 poles. This makes it suitable for Home Theatre systems, where it can switch up to 8 channels simultaneously. Another application it may be used for is balance stereo, where it is able to switch both signal and ground.