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Auricap Instructions

Auricap and leads.

How to Connect the Auricap

In signal path applications the black lead is "in" and the red lead is "out."

In power supplies the black lead should be connected to ground and the red lead to the + or - voltage.

In loudspeaker crossovers the red lead should be connected toward the + terminal on the drive unit.


Capacitor Bypassing

Do not use bypass capacitors in the signal path. A single capacitor for DC blocking / AC coupling creates a simple path with one time constant. The signal quality will be compromised if a bypass or multiple bypass capacitors are added to a signal path capacitor. Bypass capacitors were used in the past to bypass low quality film capacitors or electrolytic capacitors. The bypass was the lesser of two evils. With the advent of better quality film capacitors the need for a bypass capacitor was eliminated. Bypass capacitors create multiple signal paths with multiple time constants. These time constants are very short but they can still be heard as a smear or overall loss of focus.

Always bypass power supply capacitors. This maintains a low source impedance to the power supply over a wide bandwidth. If budget and space permit it is good to use multiple value power supply bypass capacitors with the smallest value being installed directly at the active device. (Valve or transistor.)

n. [ME. audience; OFr. audience; L. audientia, a hearing, listening, from audiens, ppr. of audire, to hear.]

Audience is famous for their superb Auricap high resolution capacitors. Manufactured using sophisticated techniques and using the best available materials, these metallised polypropylene capacitors are regarded world-wide as one of the best sounding capacitors. They are available in several high voltage ratings (200V, 400V and 600V) and in many different values including non-standard ones. See the menu at the top of the page for links to the various voltages available plus application notes.

Auricap - "World's Finest Capacitor"

Some Auricap Customer Testimonials and Comments

"I liked the UltraVerve preamplifier, and I really liked the upgraded unit. It is detailed but musical. The Auricap upgrade is a very worthwhile move in the direction of music for minimal cost."
Positive Feedback - March '04 - Francisco Duran - deHavilland UltraVerve preamplifier

Highly Biased Output - Hats Off To This Cap! Oct. 2002
"..everyone that I've tried this with, without exception, loves the sound with Auricaps in the gear. The highs are smooth and clear without tizziness, or hash, or a dulling roll off. The midrange is meaty and full of emotion when the source offers it. "3-D sound staging" should be Auricap's middle name. Tonally, the bass is tight and well connected, chesty and textured with power and authority. Best of all is not that these separate frequency groups sound so good as separate elements, but that they sound so together and "as one whole" when music plays through them. I sense no loss of rhythm, pacing, or emotion in the circuits that employ these parts... Frankly, this is an outstanding technical feat. The Auricaps are great parts, and represent a significant step forward in capacitor technology and audio-musical performance... Better and cheaper. What more can you ask for?"
Positive Feedback - Jennifer White-Wolf Crock, Sr. Technical Editor

Auricap Review - Feb. 2002
"Auricap is the best I have tried by a long, long way" - Kendrick Pavey

These are the most remarkable sounding polypropylene capacitors I have ever heard!
Mike Elliott - Alta Vista Audio

A Very Personal Listening Test - Nov. 2001
"But if you want absolute transparency without the paper in oil coloration, then you must give Auricaps a try. Auricaps are very neutral, uncolored, and smooth capacitors; they are also really fast. They are presented in an attractive build, sport the best measures in class, are available in a rather large number of values and are rather cheap if compared with the other audio-grade capacitors." - Giorgio Pozzoli

A Highly Modified Jolida Tubed Hybrid Amp - March 2003
"..replacing the caps in the preamp signal path with Auricaps can lead to nothing but a distinct improvement in the presentation." - Scott Faller

Hi-fi Nirvana Under $1,000? - Jan. 2003
"I prescribe taking two of these per amplifier then call me in the morning." - Gary Krakow

Martin Logan and Magnepan tweaks using Auricap by James Carroll
"The Auri's definitely sound cleaner and more natural"

Magnipan MG12 Crossover Upgrade by James Carroll
"The moded ones took on a whole new character, and could easily have passed for much more expensive speakers".


Hey John!
I just wanted to get back to you to let you know that my transaction with you for the coupling caps went very smooth. The package arrived 12/18 as promised and they are now installed in my home built clone of a 1955 Fender Deluxe guitar amp as stage coupling caps. They look great, installed fine and the amp is knocking my socks off! The lows are super but what I'm finding is that the upper mid-range frequencies have unbelievable definition. There just doesn't seem to be any coloration which is something I have not heard in any guitar amp that I've ever played in the past 30 years! Again, it was a pleasure! Thanks!
Andrew Bishop
Tualatin, Oregon

Dear Richard,
I E-mailed you a few times back in January about installing Auricaps in an AudioSource Amp 3. I want to write to say that I had a trusted audio tech install Auricaps in a pair of these amps. He put two in each amp---in the signal path only, a minimal installlation I gather. It was kind of funny. This is a man I really trust---he does good work and does not overcharge. He also knows his stuff. HE ADVISED AGAINST INSTALLING THE AURICAPS. He said I wouldn't notice a difference, and that I would only be wasting my money. I gave it some thought, and then decided, against his advice, to have them put in. I had seen so many glowing reviews of your product, I felt like it couldn't hurt. Plus, I know that the difference between great components and lesser ones is often the quality of the circuit parts. Well, let me tell you, I made the right decision. The sound of my amps is MUCH smoother. I have lived with the AudioSource Amp 3 for some time now, know the sound of it, and can hear the difference. The Auricaps have made it sound like a MUCH more expensive piece of equipment. They are quieter, better with transients, clearer bass, and better at "sorting out" complex passages. I listen to a lot of orchestral music so my amps have to get it right. I feel as if I now have Bryston-level sound at a far lower price. In short, I'm a believer. You make a great product and I can say, this is not the audio placebo effect.
Thanks again,
Daniel Miller
Houston, TX

Hi Ed,
The caps arrived yesterday in great shape. I am using them as a dc blocking cap in the output of my single ended 45 monoblocks. The cap goes between the plate of the 45 and the primary of a Magnequest EXO-45 nickel output trans. The 45 is driven by a current sourced 76, R-C coupled, and the plate is loaded by an MQ EXO-03 plate choke. These amps sound fantastic no matter what I put in there (I've tried solen, axon, vintage Aerovox oil, etc...), but these Auricaps take the cake. I also recently replaced some Solen caps in my phono stage with Auricaps and the difference was truly startling and astounding. Thanks for the great product and the great service.
Jason in San Francisco

Dear sir,
I recently rebuilt 2 sets of speakers with Auric wire and Auricaps and am thrilled with the quality and value of your products. Particularly in my GR-Research Paradox 3, the Audience products contributed to greatly increased transparency, tonal accuracy, listenability and musical satisfaction. I'm going to recommend to GR Research that they sell a signature version with your products and Cardas posts placed at speaker level (reducing wire length). The speaker is now head and shoulders above the original. Your products seem to have a remarkable balance of very high transparency and accuracy while being completely listenable. I also thank the gentleman who called and recommended that I use the 18 gauge wire in twisted pairs. Dynamics, bass, microdynamics, tonal vibrancy and stunning transparency are the result. Thank you for the great products and service, I won't look anywhere else for high quality caps or wire. Sincerely,
James Duncan