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EX 60 R - 8 Ohm Exciter

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    Visaton Speaker Driver - EX 60 R - 8 Ohm Electrodynamic Exciter
    Art. No. 4546


    EX 60 R - 8 Ohm Electrodynamic Exciter


    Characteristics and Sound Properties

    Electrodynamic exciter for excitation of plates to bending wave vibrations. The exciter can be attached to the surface of the plate to be stimulated by gluing or screwing.

    Further information on exciters can be found here: Basics of Exciter Technology PDF Maximum long-term input power according to DIN EN 60268-5


    • Signal output in applications of all kinds where no visible loudspeakers can be installed for design reasons or to protect against environmental influences or vandalism.

    • meets the requirements of EN 60068-2-14 (temperature change, cyclic: -40 °C/+80 °C)
    • meets the requirements of EN 61373 (oscillations, shocks: category 1/class B) €44.27*


    Technical Specifications

    Nominal load Capacity 25 W
    Nominal impedance Z 8 Ohms
    Voice Coil Diameter 32.5 mm
    Net Weight
    0.125 kg
    Connections 4.8 x 0.8 mm (+)/2.8 x 0.8 mm (-)
    Temperature Range -25... 70°

    Temperature Range



    Driver Dimensions

    Loudspeaker Driver Dimensions and Measurements - all dimensions in mm (approx.)


    Frequency and Impedance Response

    Loudspeaker Frequency and Impedance Response Graph

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