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Mundorf M-Resist Audiophile Resistors

Mundorf MResist

The Mundorf M-Resist Supreme series is specifically designed for high-end loudspeaker and amplifiers applications. With their superior audio quality these 'acoustically no longer perceivable' resistors now match the premium quality standard which distinguishes Mundorf capacitors and conductors!

Mundorf MLytic High Voltage Capacitors

American manufacturer Alon Wolf: 'absolutely neutral, in fact sonically not existent'


  • Power handling: 20W RMS
  • Tolerance: ± 2%
  • Size: 11 x 51 mm (Ø x L)
  • Wire leads: 1.0 x 30 mm (Ø x L)
  • Non-magnetic construction
  • Virtually inductance-free
  • Solid core oxygen-free copper with gold

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3.3 Ohm 20W MRESIST Supreme Resistor
3.3 Ohm 20W MRESIST Supreme Resistor $25.00 each - on backorder