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Metal Oxide

MOX Metal Oxide Resistors 10W

High power resistors are used in crossover networks to adjust the levels of individual speaker units and they are also used in impedance correction circuits and equalisers. This means that they should always be used for all applications calling for high transient rise times, such as midrange speakers and tweeters. Our metal oxide resistors have continuous power ratings 10 watts, but their peak capacity is much higher.


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One of the most important specifications of a resistor is it's power handling capacity, which is expressed in watts. Resistors' residual inductance is also relevant for tweeter circuits. Ordinary ceramic resistors consist of an insulator body cast around a wire winding. At very high frequencies this winding can behave like a coil, blocking the corresponding frequencies. Because of this we recommend using our metal oxide resistors for best performance and especially for tweeters. These components don't have any windings; instead, they are made of a conductive metal oxide layer applied to a substrate. This design has virtually no inductance.


Example Mundorf MOX Resistor



  • Continuous Load Capacity: 10 Watts
  • Body Size: 52mm long x 8mm diameter (approx.)
  • Low inductance
  • High temperature stability
  • Note: Colours and markings may vary.
Example Visaton MOX Resistor