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Mundorf and Auricap are our two key brands of Capacitors you can access the full range of each brand using our left-hand menu or by clicking on images below.

Since 1986 Mundorf have been supplying audio components of the very highest quality. With precision craftsmanship, the finest materials and a constant search for new methods, they create components of the very highest class for loudspeaker boxes and audio electronics. Products like the coils / inductors and the M-CAP range of capacitors are internationally recognised as guarantees for the finest sound and are used all over the world. Also available are high-grade crossover resistors, electrolytic capacitors, solder and more.

Auricap from Audience ensures their design gives a new level of performance with even less coloration, micro-phonics and noise contribution. Auricap capacitors have a high performance that is the result of rigorous consideration of every aspect in capacitor design and the manufacturing process.