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The crossovers for the Visaton speakers kits can be purchased separately and used with other projects or if you are buying the other parts individually.

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2-Way Crossover 3kHz 12dB 8 Ohm
2-Way Crossover 3kHz 12dB 8 Ohm $49.00 each - on backorder
Crossover Alto III C
Crossover Alto III C $233.00 per pair
Crossover Alto Line MKII
Crossover Alto Line MKII $167.00 per pair
Crossover Aria
Crossover Aria $80.00 each
Crossover Aria 2
Crossover Aria 2 $80.00 each - on backorder
Crossover Aria 2 MHT Center
Crossover Aria 2 MHT Center $140.00 each - on backorder
Crossover Aria Dipol
Crossover Aria Dipol $190.00 per pair
Crossover Aria MHT
Crossover Aria MHT $202.00 per pair
Crossover Atlantis MKII
Crossover Atlantis MKII $479.00 per pair - on backorder
Crossover Bijou
Crossover Bijou $240.00 per pair
Crossover Bijou 170
Crossover Bijou 170 $103.00 each
Crossover Classic 200
Crossover Classic 200 $430.00 per pair
Crossover Classic 200 GF
Crossover Classic 200 GF $470.00 per pair