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Couplet Speaker Kit

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    SKU: V-5912-Couplet Couplet Speaker Kit

    $1,995.00 per pair without cabinets
    Brand: Visaton
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    Visaton Speaker Kit - Couplet
    Art. No. 5912

    Visaton Couplet - shown assembled with suggested cabinets, not supplied.
    Visaton Couplet - shown assembled with suggested cabinets, not supplied.


    Characteristics and Sound Properties
    The COUPLET is a d'Appolito configuration shelf speaker. in the low to mid-range two 13 cm drivers, model AL 130 - 8 Ohm, take over the work. These high-end speakers can really show what they're capable of in a 25 litre bass reflex cabinet. Their long stroke and low mechanical losses guarantee powerful, rich bass reproduction. This is due to a large extent to the BR 25.50 bass reflex tube, mounted on the back of the cabinet, with its flow-optimised shape.

    In the high-frequency range above 3000 Hz, the 20 mm textile domed G 20 SC - 8 Ohm demonstrates its very linear frequency response and excellent omnidirectional sound distribution.

    The specially designed crossover circuitry optimises the interaction between the mid-bass unit and the tweeter and effectively suppresses unwanted resonance from the aluminium diaphragms before it becomes noticeable. The frequency response in the mid-range is made more linear.

    The result is a speaker that maintains its linear characteristics right across the frequency range. Due to the well balanced medium range, the fine details of music reproduction, in particular, comes across particularly clearly.

    The excellent omnidirectional sound distribution creates a particularly room-filling music reproduction and clear location of each individual instrument or voice. The lowest-range bass comes across equally powerfully. In short, the COUPLET is a speaker that is really good fun.

    Extract from Audio: "The system offers both very good tonality and even better dynamic characteristics in the bass department that are well in excess of expectations for a system of this size and backed this up with amazing level accuracy. (...) because high output levels do not worry the COUPLET one little bit." "As regards its ability to project sound accurately, the VISATON model took over the top of the table for this price range." "the appearance of this model, with its bevelled edges and technology appeal is a real eye-catcher."

    Extract from Klang & Ton: "The new Couplet by VISATON is a compact loudspeaker, well suited to either shelf-mounting or as a free-standing speaker and with an extremely clear, crisp presence. Anyone selecting this cabinet style in preference to column speakers will be buying a relatively low-priced solution but with a very high standard of sound reproduction."

    Extract from HiFi Test:"We were impressed not only by the fine tonal balance and accurate spatial positioning of voices, the depth of body, the warmth and tangibility, the excellent omnidirectional sound distribution which does not only favour the listener lucky enough to be at exactly the focal point of the stereo triangles, but also the tweeter reproduction that neither suppressed any details nor did it overshoot the mark. It once again became clear that, in the manufacture of loudspeakers, there is nothing to beat experience."

    Extract from STEREO: "Considering its size, the VISATON COUPLET has excellent, very deep but clearly defined bass, and can easily be placed on shelves due to its neutral tuning." ... "It was in particular in the vocals and sound source positioning that this little VISATON model picked up its points. (...) which is the most important characteristic of the COUPLET to guarantee years of listening pleasure."


    Technical Specifications

    Rated power 120 W
    Maximum power 180 W
    Nominal impedance Z 4 Ohm
    Frequency response 38-30000 Hz
    Mean sound pressure level 84 dB (1W/1m)
    Cut-off frequency 3000 Hz
    Principle of Housing Bassreflex
    Net volume 25 litres
    Outer dimension height 460 mm
    Outer dimension width 235 mm
    Outer dimension depth 350 mm


    Frequency and Impedance Response

    Frequency Response and Impedance Graph
    Frequency Response and Impedance Graph


    Exploded Cabinet Drawing

    Exploded Speaker Box Drawing
    Exploded Speaker Box Drawing


    All the cabinet panels are cut from 19 mm chipboard or medium density fibreboard, butt-jointed and glued. The chamfers on the baffle can be applied with a power jig or circular saw set to 45° or applied later using an orbital sander.

    Next, cut out the openings for the drivers, the bass reflex tube and the terminals.

    Due to the small size of the cut-outs in the baffle, it is difficult to mount the crossover inside the speaker cabinet. It would be possible to make the base removable. However, it is easier to wrap the crossover in damping material and place it through the lower cut-out in the baffle on the floor of the cabinet. When you begin fitting the drivers, start with the bass reflex tube. In order to be able to get the inner trumpet flange through the opening for the upper subwoofer it will be necessary to carefully remove about 5 mm from both sides of the flange.


    Internal Damping
    The damping material is loosely arranged below the bass reflex tube in the cabinet in such a way that the area around the vent remains free.


    Component Parts List for Each Box - Supplied with Kit
    The kit comes with all necessary components (see list below for one box), one set if the speaker is an each, or two sets for a pair, see price above for details.

    Tweeter G 20 SC 8 Ohm 1 pc.
    Woofer AL 130 - 8 Ohm 2 pcs.
    Terminal ST 77 1 pc.
    Bass reflex tube BR 25.50 (full length) 1 pc.
    Damping Material Polyester wool 1 bag
    Crossover Couplet 1 pc.
    Wood screws 4 x 20 mm 12 pcs.
    Countersunk screws 3.5 x 25 mm 8 pcs.
    Cable 2 x 1.5 mm² 1.5 m


    Speaker Cabinet Material List to Make 1 Box - Not Supplied with Kit

    Parts for One Box (not supplied) Size (mm) Quantity
    Material: 19 mm chipboard or MDF recommended
    Front and rear panel 460 x 235 2
    Side panel 460 x 312 2
    Top and bottom panel 197 x 312 2


    Speaker Cabinet Dimensions

    Loudspeaker Box Construction Diagram - all dimensions in mm.
    Loudspeaker Box Construction Diagram - all dimensions in mm.


    Crossover - Supplied with Kit Already Assembled

    Speaker Kit Crossover Circuit
    Speaker Kit Crossover Circuit