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CANBUS CB6SLS J-1939 Multi Output Interface

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    The CB6SLS (Safer Lorry Scheme - UK) databus interface is a multi-output device for obtaining vehicle Speed pulse, Speed Switching (14km/h), Left-turn indicator, Right-turn indicator, Handbrake and
    Reverse from J1939 CAN Bus vehicles. NOTE: Dependant on vehicle configuration, not all J1939 vehicles follow the official protocol; plus not signals may be available.

    Vehicles Covered:
    This CANBUS interface is designed to provide a range of outputs from vehicles using the J1939 CAN Bus system. It is programmed to automatically detect the vehicle type and it will give a speed signal frequency output of approximately 1Hz per mph. Note that some vehicles do not have all the listed signals on the data bus and we do not have a specific list. We recommend that testing is done first before roll-out.

    Signal Output:

    • Vehicle Speed: 3600 pulses per mile / 5796 pulses per km (approx.)
    • Speed Switch: Speed switch neg. when active - 14km/h (max. 150mA)
    • Left Hand Indicator On/Off: 12V = On; 0V = Off
    • Reverse Signal: 12V = Reverse; 0V = Forward
    • Handbrake Signal: 0V = On, 12V = Off
    • Right Hand Indicator On/Off: 12V = On; 0V = Off


    • Size: 53 x 30 x 10mm (approx.)
    • Power Supply: 12V DC; 30mA (approx.) - recommend 1A fuse be fitted in-line
    • Built-in diagnostic LEDs

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All connections are for guidance only and to the best of our knowledge; some Australian models may be different. We cannot be held responsible for changes made by the vehicle manufacturer, they only act as a guide for fitting and operation and certain models and configurations may not work.

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