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Digital Radio DAB On-Glass Internal Aerial

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    SKU: Antenna-Digital-DAB Digital Radio DAB On-Glass Internal Aerial

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    Brand: Soundlabs Group
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    Digital Radio DAB / DAB+ On-Glass Antenna

    This internal on glass windscreen mount aerial gives you improvement over standard DAB antennas offered with after-market head units. With its long metal element, it has improved reception in areas where DAB broadcast may be average.


    • Amplified dipole with self-adhesive backing (note strip is mostly transparent, has yellow backing paper)
    • 52cm wide (approx.)
    • Frequency Range: Band III 174-237 MHz / L-Band 1452-1492 MHz
    • Bands: BIII / L Band
    • Impedance: 50 Ohm
    • Supply Voltage: 12V DC (via phantom power from the tuner)
    • Current Draw: 40mA
    • Cable: RG174
    • Connector: SMB Female
    • Cable length: 3m (approx.)
    • Operating Temp: −40°C to 85°C

    This antenna should be mounted on the inside of the glass, it is not suitable for external mounting. Before fixing it properly try to make sure it is in the best position possible by using a temporary mount to make sure you are happy with the location and reception. Not to be mounted where it will interfere with the driver's view. Note some windows have metallic tint, in this case there is usually an area that is suitable for toll-tags (refer to the car manual), try the aerial in that area before permanently fixing in position. Ensure glass is above 20°C and clean first with isopropanol or similar.

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