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Silver Cotton Wire 0.5mm Cryogenic

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    Brand: Audio Consulting
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    Colour Cotton:

    Pure Cryogenic Silver Wire with Cotton Sleeving from Audio Consulting - Made in Switzerland

    Note: Wire is sold and priced per 50cm length. For longer lengths, change the quantity in the shopping cart.

    We offer this wire for the DIYer or manufacturer that wants to create his own speaker, line or digital cable. The Polyesterimide insulation is formed right on the silver metal as this is the only guarantee to avoid oxidation, silver sulphide formation or deposition of impurities over time. The cotton that is woven around the already famous silver wire avoids the difficulties encountered when trying to pull cotton or other sleeves over the wire.

    This wire is 100% the same as the previous Audio Consulting 0.5mm cryo silver wire, just the cotton is new. It is woven on in Switzerland. The entire wire is then cryogenically treated. (Note heat-shrink is not included.)

    Use this solid core insulated silver wire in your CD player, pre-amplifier, power amplifier, valve gear, in speakers and more! The 0.5 mm solid core silver wire is suitable for almost all wiring purposes, from the source to the speaker: internal wiring, interconnects, speaker wires, everything except we do not recommend it for mains power. This wire is specially made to Audio Consulting's specifications, unlike many other cheaper wires, it is not industrial nor jewellery wire, neither of which may sound very good and can give a harsh sound. If you have tried silver wire from elsewhere before and weren't happy with the sound, it is likely it was for a completely different purpose and not audio.

    Audio Consulting 0.5mm Silver Cryogenic Wire with Cotton Sleeving example, heat-shrink not included.
    Audio Consulting 0.5mm Silver Cryogenic Wire with Cotton Sleeving example, heat-shrink not included.

    Typical Applications

    To make a very high performance interconnect, simply twist a pair of the 0.5 mm silver cotton wire together. If necessary you can add extra covering but it is not usually needed. Best results may be obtained without any shielding, however you may add some shielding if you are in a non-differential mode.

    It even works with digital interconnects, although it is preferable to use the 0.15 mm silver wire in this application.

    Amplifiers, pre-amps, valve equipment, CD Player, DACs etc, can all be rewired to some extent. Single runs of 0.5 mm are great for rewiring purposes of analogue signals. The ground also should be of the same topology.

    The star grounding system: take as many wires as you have ground connections. With a butane flame, melt all of them together at one end. All connections go with one wire to this single point, which becomes the perfect star grounding.

    Speaker Wires:
    Especially suitable for high-efficiency speakers. For systems above 96 dB/W/m, a pair of up to 3 meters will offer the best performance. For lower speaker efficiency you may use two, three or more runs per polarity. For example, 92 dB speakers would use 4 runs. The runs of silver wire must be tightly twisted for each individual pole - that is twist together the number of wires you are using for the positive and again separately for the negative. Audio Consulting suggest that it is not necessary in all cases to twist the actual poles together, try it first without and see how it goes, it does depend in the system.

    As with all types of wire, you must be careful not to exceed the allowable current for this diameter of wire. Multiple runs may be used to increase the current carrying capacity if required. We do not recommend that this wire be used for high voltages applications without appropriate insulation and precautions in place.

    Since the silver wire is insulated with a polyesterimide coating and cotton, this will have to be removed before any soldering can take place. It can easily be done by scraping with a sharp knife, taking care not to make any kinks in the wire or by burning off with a flame. The cotton can usually just be pulled back a little. A small piece of heatshrink (not supplied) can be put on if desired.

    Solid Core Silver Wire Specifications:

    • Internal Wire Diameter: 0.50 mm; 24 AWG
    • 99.99% Ag (Silver)
    • Polyesterimide enamel insulation with cotton sleeving
    • DC resistance: 0.085 Ohms / metre (approx.)

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