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Silver Wire 0.15mm Cryogenic

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    SKU: ACS-SW-D15-Cryo Silver Wire 0.15mm Cryogenic

    $18.00 per 50cm
    Brand: Audio Consulting
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    99.99% pure cryogenically treated silver wire from Audio Consulting in Switzerland.

    Note: Wire is sold and priced per 50cm length. For longer lengths, change the quantity in the shopping cart.

    Use this 0.15mm solid core cryogenically treated insulated silver wire to make or upgrade existing wiring and cables. The 0.15 mm solid core silver wire is suitable for digital interconnects and tone arm wiring. This wire is specially made to Audio Consulting's specifications, unlike many other cheaper wires, it is not industrial or jewellery wire, neither of which may sound very good and can give a harsh sound. If you have tried silver wire from elsewhere before and weren't happy with the sound, it is likely it was for a completely different purpose and not audio. The wire is now offered with cryo treatment. Several cryo cycles provide a substantial improvement to the already outstanding wire. They are carefully performed at a Swiss University and thus allow for very tight quality control.

    The polyesterimide insulation has to be as thin as possible to help stop dielectric absorption and electrostatic micro-discharges.

    Typical Applications:

    For digital interconnects, it is preferable to use the 0.15 mm silver wire. For digital cables six runs of the 0.15 mm silver wire per polarity is excellent but less can be used. Put each polarity in sleeving, then the whole set-up in a single sleeve.

    To make a very high performance interconnect, the 0.5 mm silver wire is recommended.

    Silver wire interconnect wiring example using 0.5mm but just substitute multiple strands of 0.15mm. (Sleeving shown as an example.)
    Silver wire interconnect wiring example using 0.5mm but just substitute multiple strands of 0.15mm. (Sleeving shown as an example.)

    CD / SACD Players, DACs, turntables, phono arms etc, can all be rewired to some extent. For digital signals try several runs of 0.15 mm in parallel, 5-6. The ground also should be of the same topology.

    Tone arms make for excellent candidates for the silver wire treatment! Use one run per pole of the 0.15 mm silver wire; it is very close is size to 33 AWG wire. If you want to experiment, try extra runs per pole, in fact Audio Consulting use 6 runs per pole in their own arm!

    The star grounding system: take as many wires as you have ground connections. With a butane flame, melt all of them together at one end. All connections go with one wire to this single point, which becomes the perfect star grounding.

    As with all types of wire, you must be careful not to exceed the allowable current for this diameter of wire. Multiple runs may be used to increase the current carrying capacity if required. The silver wire has been used up to about 30-40 VDC without any further insulation. The enamel should be good for a few hundred volts, but this has not been tested. We do not recommend that this wire be used for high voltages applications without appropriate insulation and precautions in place.

    Since the cryo'ed silver wire is insulated with a polyesterimide coating, this will have to be removed before any soldering can take place. It can easily be done by scraping with a sharp knife, taking care not to make any kinks in the wire or by burning off with a flame.

    Solid Core Silver Wire Data:

    • Diameter: 0.15 mm (external: 0.17 mm); 35 AWG
    • 99.99% Ag (Silver)
    • Polyesterimide enamel insulation
    • DC resistance: 0.95 Ohms/metre (0.15 mm)

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