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KLEI Pure Harmony RCA Plug

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    KLE Pure Harmony Phono / RCA Plug

    The KLE Innovations (Keith-Louis Eichmann) Pure Harmony Phono / RCA plug has been redesigned from the original Bullet Plug to overcome metallurgical shortcomings in the original design. The Harmony Plug is a new revolutionary approach to Keith-Louis Eichmann’s (aka KL) previous Bullet Plug design, which itself was a revolutionary approach to the phono plug / RCA connector.

    KL believes he has, with this new phono / RCA blueprint, solved a series of problems that collectively degrade audio / video performance and that do so in an additive manner. The importance of this innovation and redesign cannot be overstated. Its ramifications extend to every RCA interface in which high quality signal transfer is an issue. Extensive listening and critical comparisons played a major role in the evolution of the design, confirming at every juncture the audibility of properly applied science in even the area of Phono/RCA connection. In summary the Harmony RCA plug is a further innovation and totally new approach to RCA connection.

    Keith Louis Eichmann's new bullet plug design family, Harmony.
    Keith Louis Eichmann's new bullet plug design family, Harmony.

    The following are the improvements that have made to the Pure Harmony Phono / RCA plug design when compared to his previous Bullet Plug design:

    • Signal and Ground pins both utilise KLEI PureSilver Alloy with >106% IACS conductivity.
    • An ultra high purity Silver plating is utilised to protect the pins from oxidization.
    • Signal and ground pin optimisation to enhance electron flow, in accordance with KL’s Pure Signal / Ground formula.
    • Signal and ground pins are now much stronger and shaped like a tag, which makes soldering small / large or multiple wires very easy.
    • Signal and ground Anti-Short shield has been added between the signal / ground solder tags.
    • Signal and ground pins are arranged to maintain a maximised distance from each other, and the utilised foil technology ensures that capacitive, inductive and EMF effects are minimised.
    • The head assembly jaw structure has been redesigned and mechanically improved, to allow an easy snap-like connection to a phono / RCA / cinch socket, ensuring the ultimate connection with easy removal.
    • The housing assembly uses two screws to retain and secure the cable.
    • Extremely high temperature melting point thermoplastic polymer has been utilised.
    • Recommendation: >200hrs burn-in, cable outer diameter sizes from 4mm to 9.5mm.
    KLE Harmony Phono RCA Plug construction.
    KLE Harmony Phono RCA Plug construction.

    Comments and Reviews:

    Sound: Exceptional resolution, tight non-bloated deep / detailed / resolving bass, extremely articulate presentation, conveys subtle nuances with amazing dexterity, stage is spacious and envelopes the listener, Allows the full emotion of the music to be experienced, superb dynamics and an excellent micro detail presentation, displays delicate upper mid and high frequency detail / resolution and harmonic texture with precision and emotion, delivers music with very very low noise / distortion in a warm musical and involving manner from an very very black / quiet background.

    KL's testing and reports received, show that the KLEI Pure Harmony when compared to the KLEI Silver Harmony is Simply… Faster, Quieter / Noiseless / Blacker Background, and more transparent, and has noticeably better PRAT, Decay, Timbre and Texture, Edge Control and Extension, Resolution, and Stage. The following quotes are from the many reports that KL has received…

    With the KLEI Pure Harmony RCA plugs, initially, they have a tendency to be a little bright and more than a little edgy, at least on my system. It took around 20 hours for that to settle down and transform into a very smooth and incredibly detailed performance. Which was nice, because with 180 hours left to burn-in I was giving some serious thought to installing the RCA's onto an interconnect and letting my streamer and DAC complete the burn-in process, which is a much less time consuming approach. At around 30 hours I became very impressed with the performance improvements.

    • The dynamics were very fast and extremely crisp.
    • The image (sound stage) is deeper than before and there is more spacing between the instruments both left to right and front to back, ie. each "section" in the orchestra (ie. violins, violas, cellos etc.) have significantly more width to them.
    • The timbre of instruments having more detail/resolution sounded even more natural.
    • The venue acoustics are outstanding and really immerse you into the performance.
    • The improved clarity in complex orchestral tracks allowed them to be played louder without distortion – 1812 with digital cannons anyone?
    • But the one outstanding quality of the KLEI Pure Harmony RCA plugs was their transmission of incredibly fine micro detail/resolution that seemed to bring a "new reality" to my vinyl collection, especially with some my older live recordings.
    • It was apparent on the very first track I played when I dropped the arm and I was returning to my chair, but I never made it. As soon as the track started playing I spun around to listen more intently, standing, the sound was so totally different from any previous plays.
    • The extremely fine details of the bottleneck sliding on the strings was just downright eerie, like a ghost from the past. Many tracks sounded as though they were recorded in a gospel hall with two mikes and a stereo reel-to-reel. The natural reverberations are melded superbly with the musicians and their vocals and then reproduced in my system with a haunting reality.
    • For me, this was a complete jaw-dropper. I'd heard some very expensive systems that may have approached this level of reproduction, but I never expected my current configuration would be capable of such a refined and detailed presentation.
    • And all this was due to the KLEI Pure Harmony RCA plugs? – You got it!
    • In very simple terms… everything got bigger, faster, and cleaner!
    • The bass line now had added detail and texture, the cymbals were crisper and fuller, the mids were warmer, the dynamics were faster and the image just seemed more complete. There was an added punch to both the percussion and also to the hammering of the very muted guitar strings. Lastly, the vocal detailing is now very clear and very well isolated within the recording.
    • The improvements I witnessed between my identical interconnects, one set with the KLEI Silver Harmony RCA plugs and the second with the KLEI Pure Harmony RCA plugs was immediately noticeable. Improvements in dynamics, clarity, image and bass extension, with a new fullness to the reproduction and a new reality in the performance.
    • I've experimented with cables of several types over the years and used a variety of connectors, including the Silver Bullet, which I had rated very highly, and I have now tried the KLEI Copper Harmony RCA plugs, which performed even better. The KLEI Silver Harmony RCA plugs again proved to be a significant improvement over the KLEI Copper Harmony RCA plugs, but the level of performance the KLEI Pure Harmony RCA plugs has achieved is the new benchmark in RCA connector performance.
    • Achieving this level of performance simply with an RCA connector may sound unbelievable, almost Magical, and in my mind makes the team at KLE Innovations… The Wizards of Aus!

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