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IC LM4562

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    The LM4562 is a National Semiconductor op-amp very popular with builders and upgraders. The LM4562 is a dual op-amp. It features high-speed and low noise characteristics coupled with a ultra-low distortion. It provides precision, accuracy, detail, timing, clean and dynamic sound.

    Download Datasheet PDF Download the LM4562 datasheet. (456 KB)

    PDF files use Adobe Acrobat® Reader®, which is available here if required.

    The LM4562 is available as a 8-pin surface mount device (SMD) or 8 pin dual in line (DIL) device. This means that it suits both SMD or solder in / socketed options.

    Note: The LM4562 has a maximum voltage rating of ±17V, so please ensure your supply voltages do not exceed this!


    • CD / DVD / SACD player upgrades.
    • DAC output buffers.
    • Soundcards.
    • ADC input buffers.
    • Low distortion filters.
    • Audio amplifiers and pre-amps.
    • Mixed gain stages.

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