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Voltage Inverter -12V to 12V DC 10 Amp

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    Purchase Voltage Inverter -12V to 12V DC 10 Amp

    SKU: Voltage-Inverter-12-12VDC Voltage Inverter -12V to 12V DC 10 Amp

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    Voltage Inverter -12V to 12V DC 12 Amp Max

    If you have an old car with positive ground chassis system and need to run more modern equipment with the normal negative ground chassis, then you will need one of these...

    Operate modern 12 volt negative ground accessories from positive ground 12 volt electrical systems! These Power Inverters are compact, lightweight, quiet and extremely efficient. They use a common ground, so isolation is not necessary.

    Current draw is negligible when no load is applied, so they are ideal for memory maintenance or alarm systems that must be left on for long periods of time without discharging the vehicle battery. Overload and Reverse Polarity protected for long reliable life.

    Voltage Inverter Dimensions.
    Voltage Inverter Dimensions.
    • Input Voltage: -9V to -18V DC
    • Output Voltage: 12V DC nominal
    • Output Current: 10A
    • Output Current: 12A maximum
    • Conversion Efficiency: more than 95%
    • Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
    • Dimensions: 78 x 74 x 32 mm (approx.)
    • Protection: input transient high voltage protection, output over current protection, chip overheating protection
    • Applications: car alarms, radios, CB and UHF radios, audio systems, navigation, monitoring, vehicle mounted LED display screens, solar energy, LED lights and more.

    Wiring Connections:

    • Input: Chassis: Red; Battery Negative/Minus: Black
    • Output: Positive: Yellow
    • Please ensure the voltages are measured to be correct before connecting to the device that is to be supplied the power.
    • The device must be fused on both the input and the output.

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