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Starlet Speaker Kit

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    SKU: V-5929-Starlet Starlet Speaker Kit

    $995.00 per pair without cabinets
    Brand: Visaton
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    Visaton Speaker Kit - Starlet
    Art. No. 5929

    Visaton Starlet (accessories not included) - shown assembled with suggested cabinets, not supplied.
    Visaton Starlet (accessories not included) - shown assembled with suggested cabinets, not supplied.


    Characteristics and Sound Properties
    The STARLET is a 3-way speaker which is extremely good value for money. The individual drivers used here have all proved their worth in numerous well-known constructions.

    At the bottom end of the frequency range, there is the W 200 S - 8 Ohm from the EXPERIENCE V 20, mounted in a 58 litre vented cabinet. The mid- to high-range is covered by the W 100 S - 8 Ohm and DT 94 - 8 Ohm from the ALTO series of speakers.

    The impression given by the STARLET is of a solid low-frequency foundation with powerful, crisp bass. The mid-range has a pleasant, unobtrusive sound, and at the higher frequency ranges the STARLET produces sparkling, clear-cut treble. In a nutshell, the STARLET is an extremely reasonably priced column speaker with a well-rounded tonal character and good power handling capabilities.

    Extract from Mega: "The Starlet sounds ... crisp, pleasant and well-rounded, ... but with a solid bass foundation that ensures sufficient power and depth but without becoming overpowering. The mid- and high-ranges were well distinguished, clearly defined, devoid of all aggression and crisply reproduced." Sound properties and value for money: very good


    Technical Specifications

    Rated power 100 W
    Maximum power 150 W
    Nominal impedance Z 8 Ohm
    Frequency response 30-22000 Hz
    Mean sound pressure level 86 dB (1W/1m)
    Cut-off frequency 500 / 5000 Hz
    Principle of Housing Bassreflex
    Net volume 58 litres
    Outer dimension height 1000 mm
    Outer dimension width 270 mm
    Outer dimension depth 300 mm


    Frequency and Impedance Response

    Frequency Response and Impedance Graph
    Frequency Response and Impedance Graph


    Exploded Cabinet Drawing

    Exploded Speaker Box Drawing
    Exploded Speaker Box Drawing


    The construction of the STARLET has been designed to provide a good starting point for even the least experienced craftsman since all the boards are straight sides and just glued together. The cover for the mid-range (AK 10.13) has to be fitted from behind over the cut-out in the baffle for the mid-range, before the baffle is glued in (remember the cables!) The crossover unit is attached to the rear panel behind the cut-out in the baffle for the bass speakers.


    Internal Damping
    The damping material is evenly distributed throughout the entire cabinet. But leave the area directly behind the bass tube free. About 1/4 of a mat of damping material is loosely pushed into the cover before the mid-range drivers are fitted.


    Component Parts List for Each Box - Supplied with Kit
    The kit comes with all necessary components (see list below for one box), one set if the speaker is an each, or two sets for a pair, see price above for details.

    Tweeter DT 94 - 8 Ohm 1 pc.
    Midrange driver W 100 S - 8 Ohm 1 pc.
    Woofer W 200 S - 8 Ohm 1 pc.
    Crossover Starlet 1 pc.
    Cover cap AK 10.13 1 pc.
    Bass reflex tube BR 15.34 (length: 8 cm) 1 pc.
    Terminal ST 77 1 pc.
    Damping material Polyester wool 3 bags
    Wood screws 3.5 x 19 mm 21 pcs.
    Cable 2 x 1.5 mm² 3.5 m


    Speaker Cabinet Material List to Make 1 Box - Not Supplied with Kit

    Parts for One Box (not supplied) Size (mm) Quantity
    Material: 19 mm chipboard or MDF recommended
    Front and rear panel 1000 x 270 2
    Side panels 1000 x 262 2
    Top and bottom panel 232 x 262 2
    Brace 232 x 80 1
    Brace 262 x 80 1


    Speaker Cabinet Dimensions

    Loudspeaker Box Construction Diagram - all dimensions in mm.
    Loudspeaker Box Construction Diagram - all dimensions in mm.


    Crossover - Supplied with Kit Already Assembled

    Speaker Kit Crossover Circuit
    Speaker Kit Crossover Circuit