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VOX 200 Speaker Kit

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    SKU: V-5905-VOX200 VOX 200 Speaker Kit

    $3,095.00 per pair without cabinets
    Brand: Visaton
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    Visaton Speaker Kit - VOX 200
    Art. No. 5905

    Visaton VOX 200 - shown assembled with suggested cabinets, not supplied.
    Visaton VOX 200 - shown assembled with suggested cabinets, not supplied.


    Characteristics and Sound Properties
    The VOX 253 is well-known as a speaker system with unusual credentials. Although relatively slim, some people may wish for a less noticeable speaker cabinet. Building a smaller cabinet and maintaining the same characteristics is a tall order. The precondition is that if the dimensions are reduced, the main features should be retained. This means locating the woofer in the side wall, d'Appolito arrangement for the two cone drivers with metal diaphragms and dome tweeters in the middle. The excellent AL 200 - 8 Ohm serves as a bass speaker and the tweeter is the G 20 SC - 8 Ohm , already very successfully used in the COUPLET model. It was, then, necessary to develop a completely new 10 cm high-end cone driver with a metal diaphragm. Although the development time was relatively long, the wait was worth it - this is a really first-class low- to mid-range unit with a cone made of pure titanium, equally as good as the AL 130 - 8 Ohm. The cabinet dimensions have been proportionally reduced from the large-scale VOX model to produce an almost dainty compact column speaker: the VOX 200.

    The take-over frequency levels of 200 Hz and 3000 Hz have been retained. A crucial feature is that the large-sized bass reflex tunnel is also present. In this manner, we have managed to create a compact baby sister for the VOX 253 that is worthy of the family name. As one would expect, the VOX 200 cannot keep up with the 253 when it comes to really tough bass activity, where the 253 would master it with ease. In normal sized rooms this is hardly necessary or required. In any case, the bass capabilities of this smaller sister are far beyond what you would expect from a model of this size.

    In the mid- to high-frequency range, smaller speakers are preferable anyway. This is also the case with the VOX 200. The sound breaks away clearly from the baffle and generates a stable volume level and uniform sound throughout the room with no colouration.

    Once again, the G 20 SC - 8 Ohm proves its value as a producer of wonderfully clear, lively high-frequency reproduction without the slightest hint of aggression.

    If you find large speaker cabinets too much of a good thing, you really ought to have a listen to the VOX 200!

    Extract from Klang & Ton: "As if by magic, this speaker with its small-scale textile tweeter produced a remarkably realistic sound character that was most noticeable in its fine reproduction of voices. The mid-range was clearly resolved and completely free of any annoying colouration. Despite having a powerful mid-range presence, the sound properties never become overpowering or squeaky, even for sensitive ears. And as regards spatial depth and positioning, this smaller VOX made a fault-free impression."

    Extract from Hobby HiFi: "Small speaker voluminous sound. Due to the very slim design of the cabinet, this speaker looks remarkably petite and this initial visual effect turns into amazement once the speaker comes to life: Its sound reproduction capabilities are those of a mature design and, at the same time, it offers peak precision and clarity, which is no doubt due in part to the excellent titanium mid-range unit which is proof of VISATON's view that loudspeaker technology can still produce surprising technological leaps."

    Extract from STEREO: "Visaton's VOX 200 is, even more than the VOX 251, an all-round speaker that combines excellent material and high-end tonality in a most harmonious manner. It is not only pretty to look at, its vital statistics and agility are almost enough to make it a matter for the divorce courts, but, in the end, it remains true to its vows. Spirited and lively. Without doubt, a four-star experience." Verdict: excellent

    Extract from Image HiFi: "VISATON's VOX 200 is a decidedly crisp, clear column speaker with both the power to do justice to any party and the control to cope with accurate spatial positioning and clarity of resolution. A real gem that stands head and shoulders above the others in this price range." "The VOX 200 can punch out quite considerable volume levels and the probability that the electronic circuitry will pack up first is quite high even with larger-scale units. The VOX 200 is also well able to deal with normal living-room levels. The way each wave of sound is neatly send off into the room by the cabinet is captivating, to say the least, and spatial control is exemplary. The Visaton designers are capable of creating a virtual stage in your living room that has a remarkable breadth and depth. In this department, other manufacturers' units many times the price can hardly manage to trump this performance. Similarly, the plasticity and sheer volume of each individual cone leaves nothing to be desired. The real show-piece, though, is the unit's vocal reproduction (...). I have seldom experienced such authentic singing free of all interference factors and with such depth of colour." "I can say that these two slim-line VISATON cabinets have left a deep impression on me, for one."

    Extract from Fonoforum: "It was in the listening test that our dream set-up (Transrotor Sirius, Octave V-50 Black Box, VISATON VOX 200) got the chance to really shine." "We haven't heard such a fascinatingly harmonious and yet compact system in our listening room for a long time. Let no one claim that vinyl disks are not in a position to present dynamic listening. And what about the higher frequencies? Clear as crystal, full-bodied treble. The sound was neither frayed around the edges nor hard and sharp, but simply pure and honest. The spatial qualities were just as good. The plasticity was there in both the depth and width, just the way the conductor ordered. This arrangement does not, however, merely produce a perfect array of virtues for audiophiles, it goes one step further and reproduces musical compositions in a fascinating and exciting manner. These sound properties have an effect on your soul and that's what it's all about."


    Technical Specifications

    Rated power 120 W
    Maximum power 180 W
    Nominal impedance Z 4 Ohm
    Frequency response 30-30000 Hz
    Mean sound pressure level 84 dB (1W/1m)
    Cut-off frequency 200 / 3000 Hz
    Principle of Housing Bassreflex
    Net volume 40 litres + 3.5 litres
    Outer dimension height 1000 mm
    Outer dimension width 200 mm
    Outer dimension depth 350 mm


    Frequency and Impedance Response

    Frequency Response and Impedance Graph
    Frequency Response and Impedance Graph


    Exploded Cabinet Drawing

    Exploded Speaker Box Drawing
    Exploded Speaker Box Drawing


    At first sight, the construction of the VOX 200 looks complicated, which is why it is worth looking at each internal part individually first. In the lower part of the cabinet, you can see the bass reflex tunnel, made up of the base, one horizontal and one vertical upper board. In the middle, there are two cross-reinforcements to prevent resonance. At the top of the cabinet, behind the cut-out in the acoustic baffle for the mid- to high-range unit, is the enclosure required for the mid-range cone, made up of two wooden boards. Three holes will have to be drilled in the rear wall of the mid-range chamber for the cables. These holes must be well sealed up at the end.

    Fitting the AL 200 into the side is a special feature. Behind the square cut-outs in the side walls, the mounting board for the AL 200 is glued in place from within. This means that the bass driver can be sunken by 19 mm (19 mm = thickness of the boards). For optical reasons, and to enable the cloth-covered frame to be fitted exactly in place, the side-wall cut-out must be made extremely accurately. The frame can be made from a 12 mm board, in which a 190 mm diam. cut-out is made.

    The outer dimensions of the frame should be 1 - 2 mm smaller than the opening in the side-wall all round. In this way, the frame is jammed in place by the fabric used to cover it and alternative fixing methods (wooden plugs) are not necessary. The frequency crossover unit is mounted on the side-wall behind the bass cut-out.


    Internal Damping
    The inner damping uses one mat placed inside the medium range cabinet. The remainder is evenly distributed throughout the cabinet. Only the space above the tunnel opening (to the rear of the baffle) up to the lowest stiffener remains empty. If, as a result of the acoustics in the room, the low-range bass is too powerful, it is possible to fill this space as well up to the tunnel opening to lower the bass power.


    Component Parts List for Each Box - Supplied with Kit
    The kit comes with all necessary components (see list below for one box), one set if the speaker is an each, or two sets for a pair, see price above for details.

    Tweeter G 20 SC - 8 Ohm 1 pc.
    Midrange driver TI 100 - 8 Ohm 2 pcs.
    Woofer AL 200 - 8 Ohm 1 pc.
    Crossover VOX 200 1 pc.
    Terminal BT 95/75 1 pc.
    Damping material Polyester wool 3 bags
    Wood screws 4 x 20 mm 6 pcs.
    Wood screws 3.5 x 19 mm 8 pcs.
    Countersunk screws 3.5 x 25 mm 8 pcs.
    Cable 2 x 2.5 mm² 2.5 m
    Cable 2 x 1.5 mm² 1.5 m
    Material for speaker covers Width 50 cm 0.5 m


    Speaker Cabinet Material List to Make 1 Box - Not Supplied with Kit

    Parts for One Box (not supplied) Size (mm) Quantity
    Material: 19 mm chipboard or MDF recommended
    Front panel 1000 x 200 1
    Side panels 1000 x 331 2
    Rear panel 902 x 162 1
    Top / bottom panel 331 x 162 2
    Midrange rear panel 399 x 162 1
    Midrange bottom panel 60 x 162 1
    Brace 80 x 162 2
    Bass-reflex channel 230 x 162 1
    Bass-reflex channel 70 x 162 1
    Mounting board woofer 300 x 233 1
    Material: 12 mm chipboard or MDF recommended
    Grille board 230 x 230 1


    Speaker Cabinet Dimensions

    Loudspeaker Box Construction Diagram - all dimensions in mm.
    Loudspeaker Box Construction Diagram - all dimensions in mm.


    Crossover - Supplied with Kit Already Assembled

    Speaker Kit Crossover Circuit
    Speaker Kit Crossover Circuit