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La Belle CR Speaker Kit

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    SKU: V-5882-La-Belle-CR La Belle CR Speaker Kit

    $1,195.00 each without cabinets
    Brand: Visaton
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    Visaton Speaker Kit - La Belle CR
    Art. No. 5882

    Visaton La Belle CR - shown assembled with suggested cabinets, not supplied.
    Visaton La Belle CR - shown assembled with suggested cabinets, not supplied.


    Characteristics and Sound Properties
    As the most compact member of the La Belle family, the La Belle CR is equipped with the same tweeter and mid-range drivers as its bigger sisters La Belle and La Belle Center, but does without the woofers found in those larger arrangements. As regards its appearance, the La Belle CR is obviously based on the La Belle. The objective of the development was to produce rear speaker that can also be used as a smaller centre speaker.

    In order to achieve a reasonable lower limiting frequency for use with a surround system, the cabinet was designed to be just big enough to house the B 200 - 6 Ohm above 67 Hz while keeping the loudspeaker cabinet as compact as possible. Although this may appear to be a contradiction in terms, the parameters of the B 200 - 6 Ohm allow this idea to be put into practice, which enables the La Belle CR to be easily integrated in a surround system in conjunction with large main speakers and subwoofers. Even if used as a simple pair of stereo speakers, they will cut a good figure.

    The low-frequency range is subjected to linearising and high-pass filtering by the serial capacitor. Nevertheless, we recommend including a high-pass filter on the surround amp (small mode), which will enable much improved bass management. Since it does not have to cope with the lower frequencies, the La Belle CR is well able to keep up with the larger family members at the top end of the volume scale.

    At the same time, it has been possible to retain the inimitable sound quality and range of detail found throughout the La Belle family, which allows the harmonious surround effect to be achieved through all the speakers at the highest level. The challenge of reproducing the finest acoustic details provided by the source of the sound at the volume levels typically encountered in film environments is met with remarkable accuracy, which results in many an astonished listener in the auditorium. This speaker is quite simply able to amaze.


    Technical Specifications

    Rated power 40 W
    Maximum power 70 W
    Nominal impedance Z 6 Ohm
    Frequency response 67-25000 Hz
    Mean sound pressure level 87 dB (1W/1m)
    Cut-off frequency 2700 Hz
    Principle of Housing Closed
    Net volume 20 litres
    Outer dimension height 478 mm
    Outer dimension width 260 mm
    Outer dimension depth 204 mm


    Frequency and Impedance Response

    Frequency Response and Impedance Graph
    Frequency Response and Impedance Graph


    Exploded Cabinet Drawing

    Exploded Speaker Box Drawing
    Exploded Speaker Box Drawing


    Once the front panel has been shaped with all the necessary bevels, openings and milled shapes, and the terminal port has been completed at the rear, the base, lid, sides and rear wall are glued together.

    The front panel is positioned from the front.


    Internal Damping
    One mat is used to cover the entire rear wall, the second is folded down the middle and positioned behind the tweeter with the fold pointing towards the lid. This means there are three layers of damping material behind the tweeter and one behind the B 200 - 6 Ohm.


    Component Parts List for Each Box - Supplied with Kit
    The kit comes with all necessary components (see list below for one box), one set if the speaker is an each, or two sets for a pair, see price above for details.

    Tweeter KE 25 SC 8 Ohm 1 pc.
    Waveguide WG 220 x 150 1 pc.
    Bass mid-range B 200 - 6 Ohm 1 pc.
    Crossover La Belle CR 1 pc.
    Terminal BT 95/75 1 pc.
    Damping material Polyester wool 1 bag
    Cylinder head screws 5 x 30 mm 6 pcs.
    Round head screws 4 x 20 mm 4 pcs.
    Countersunk screws 3.5 x 25 mm 10 pcs.
    Cable 2 x 2.5 mm² 1.5 m


    Speaker Cabinet Material List to Make 1 Box - Not Supplied with Kit

    Parts for One Box (not supplied) Size (mm) Quantity
    Material: 19 mm chipboard or MDF recommended
    Front panel 260 x 478 1
    Side panels 185 x 440 2
    Top and bottom panel 185 x 260 2
    Rear panel 440 x 220 1


    Speaker Cabinet Dimensions

    Loudspeaker Box Construction Diagram - all dimensions in mm.
    Loudspeaker Box Construction Diagram - all dimensions in mm.


    Crossover - Supplied with Kit Already Assembled

    Speaker Kit Crossover Circuit
    Speaker Kit Crossover Circuit