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Speed RPM Switch Relay Beijer

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    SpeedSwitch - RPM or Speed Activated Switch Relay - Model SSRV02 / SSW2

    Need a way to switch something at a certain speed or particular RPM in your car or truck? The RPM / Speed Switch Relay allows you to switch a 12 volt or 24 volt device on or off at a preset road or engine speed and can be calibrated to work with virtually any speed or RPM pulse frequency. Features make or break contacts.


    • De-activating front parking sensors above a set speed.
    • Locking doors automatically when vehicle moving (extra security / car-jacking).
    • Switch equipment on or off above a set speed on plant equipment.
    • Activate a buzzer or light when driving above a specific speed or RPM.
    • Switch off radar detectors below certain speeds.
    • Controlling windscreen wipers at certain speeds.
    • Deactivated nitrous systems or adjust boost levels.
    • Activate rev limiter or engine cut-out.
    • Motor sports and racing.
    • Turn off work lights above certain speeds, such as in excavators.
    • Eliminating speed pulses when stationary (for example in BMW 5 Series and Land Rover Discovery).
    • Switch drills or pumps at certain RPM.

    Two control LEDs are fitted to the SpeedSwitch. A green LED indicates the programming mode and the status. A red LED indicates whether the relay is being energised. The outputs include a Make and a Break contact and the option to connect an external switch to the SpeedSwitch with which you can switch the SpeedSwitch to always be ON, always be OFF or to be in AUTOMATIC mode. Instructions are supplied.


    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 57 x 57 x 31 mm
    • Weight: 7 grams
    • Power supply: 9 - 30V DC
    • Current drawn: switched on, relay activated: 60mA rest position, relay not activated: 20mA
    • Frequency range: 5Hz - 10kHz (approx. - operation not guaranteed outside this range)
    • Input resistance: 4 MOhm
    • Switched current: max. 10A (built-in relay with make / break contact)
    • Temperature -20°C / +70°C
    • European certification: e4 020928 (according to the European guideline 95/54/EC)