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SPEC RSP-C3 Real Sound Processor

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    SPEC RSP-C3 Real-Sound Processor for Home Theatre or Car Audio

    The Real Sound processor RSP-C3 can bring out the full potential of your speakers, delivering realistic sound and rich musicality. Simply connect to the speakers and improve the sound quality of your audio equipment. Suitable for both car audio and surround sound home cinema systems.

    Bring out the performance of your audio equipment and you can enjoy music more. Best results are with solid-state amplifiers.


    During playback, the counter electromotive force (EMF) is generally generated in the voice coil of speaker driver in proportion to the frequency and power amplifier output level. This counter electromotive force returns back to the the amplifier circuitry through the speaker cable. This is can make it difficult to drive the speakers faithfully.

    By connecting each speaker to the RSP-C3, much of this counter electromotive force is absorbed and it reduces the impedance change of the speaker from the mid high frequency band in particular. As a result, the speaker is driven accurately and can improve the resolution and the "control" of the music.

    SPEC Real Sound Processor RSP-C3
    SPEC Real Sound Processor RSP-C3


    • Preferable speaker impedance: 4 to 8 Ohms
    • Maximum input power: Less than 1kW
    • Dimensions: 113mm (W) x 41mm (H) x 56mm (D)
    • Weight: 170g

    Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Instructions for Use:

    The SPEC RSP-C3 is installed as close to the loudspeakers as possible, please keep the speaker cables (not supplied) as short as possible. If the speaker cable is too long, it will affect the functionality of the unit. Suspending the unit from the speaker is not advised as damage may occur if it falls. For systems with bi-wiring terminals, connect to the input terminal of the speaker treble / high frequency side.

    SPEC Corporation RSP-1C3 connection example.
    SPEC Corporation RSP-C3 connection example.