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Radio Ignition Switch

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    Radio Ignition Switch

    Designed especially for 12V cars without an ignition switch, or cars using 6V and needing to switch the radio using a voltage booster. It is ideal for retaining information from radios such as station memories and time on clocks. Great for classic cars, or where you need a radio and have only a permanent power supply. Can help stop power drain on the battery.


    • ISO connection and switch for manual switching of the ignition circuit
    • ISO(m) to ISO(f), power plug and speaker plug included
    • ISO connector length: 20 cm (approx.)
    • Switch cable: 80 cm (approx.)
    • Ignition and Memory (permanent power) can be easily swapped
    • Supply of +12V continuous power (terminal 30) at the ISO plug of the retrofit device
    • A blocking diode prevents the continuous current from being fed back into the vehicle system
    • Switch size (approx.):
      • Bore: 20mm (with key)
      • Outer Diameter: 23.5 mm
      • Installation depth: 38 mm
    • Maximum power rating: 10A/125V or 5A/230V (not recommend for mains use)
    • Works with 6V systems as well