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RF Explorer Signal Generator

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    RF Explorer Signal Generator 23.4 MHz to 6 GHz - Model RFE6Gen - Australian Local Stock

    The RF Explorer Signal Generator (RFE6Gen) is a powerful, wideband fully programmable RF signal generator. It is the perfect companion for Spectrum Analyser RF Explorer product line. As a standalone unit, RFE6Gen can generate CW and Sweep signals by selecting embedded menu options. When connected to a PC, it can be fully programmed with the RF Explorer for Windows software tool. Furthermore, the unit can work as a powerful Tracking Generator when used with RF Explorer Spectrum Analyser connected to the same PC, offering full Scalar Network Analyzer (SNA) capabilities. The SNA feature allows full characterisation of filters, amplifiers and any 2-port RF device.


    • Frequency range supported: 23.4 to 6000 MHz
    • Frequency step / resolution: 1 kHz
    • Frequency stability: 0.5 ppm
    • Temperature compensated (0-45°C)
    • Backlight for great indoor visibility
    • Standard SMA 50 Ohms connector
    • Programmable amplitude with included internal programmable attenuator:
      • -40 dBm to -30 dBm in 3 dB steps
      • -10 dBm to 0 dBm in 3 dB steps
    • Amplitude accuracy: ±0.5dB (normalised) or ±3dB (absolute)
    • Switch measurement point speed: < 10ms
    • Graphics LCD 128 x 64 pixels, great visibility outdoors
    • PC Windows client supports Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8, both 32 and 64 bits
    • Functional modes:
      • CW signal generator at any frequency in the range
      • Tracking generator functionality working together with RF Explorer when connected to the same PC
      • Sweep generator between any to frequencies in the range, with selectable step size and speed
    • Internal expansion port for future enhancements (higher RF power modes, additional frequency bands)
    • Size: 113 x 70 x 25 mm
    • Weight: 185 grams
    RF Explorer Signal Generator 
    RF Explorer Handheld RF Signal Generator


    • Pocket size and light weight
    • Solid aluminium metal case
    • Free firmware upgrades available, open to community requested features
    • High capacity LiPo for 10 hours+ of continuous run, rechargeable by USB connector
    • RF Explorer for Windows PC client software - Open Source
    • Can be extended with internal Expansion Modules for additional future band support and functionality
    • Wide band support
    • Note: USB Cable not supplied, available as an option.
    • Manuals can be downloaded here.
    RF Explorer Signal Generator 
    RF Explorer Handheld RF Signal Generator


    Click here for available firmware updates, documentation and software (use at your own risk!)


    • All RF Explorer models are compliant with FCC as well as CE regulations.
    • All RF Explorer models are RoHS compliant.

    Getting Started:

    The first thing you want to do is to power up your unit and play with it!

    This is a battery operated device, please charge the battery before use; it comes with half charge as the standard way to extend the battery life when it is stored for an undetermined period of time. But to use it you should fully charge it. Never charge your device unattended.

    Note the device will automatically switch ON as soon as you plug it in the USB port, but that doesn't mean it is being charged: to charge the battery you need to switch the battery power to ON. There are more details in this FAQ article, including battery handling and care information.

    To start learning the many things you can do with RF Explorer please download the user manual and release notes. We also suggest upgrading your unit to the very latest firmware available. Everything is available in the download area.

    You can connect your PC or Mac to RF Explorer for additional functionality, please check the download area as well as the user manual online.

    Last but not least, there are a few online pointers you may want to be aware of:

    If you run into any problem or question, let us know. We want this to be a useful tool, your comments, questions and suggestions are of high value to us.