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RF Explorer 2.4GHz Expansion Module

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    RF Explorer 2.4GHz Expansion Module RFEM2.4G

    RFEM2.4G is an Expansion Module for certain RF Explorer modules. It can be plugged in your RF Explorer unit to extend the coverage to the 2.4 GHz frequency band. It gets attached internally to the RF Explorer main board and has a second antenna connector to cover the new band.

    You can combine any RF Explorer model with any Expansion Module you wish (check the CNC Top Cover option in case your model needs it), note some units already have an expansion module fitted, so cannot have an additional module fitted without removing it first. The firmware will correctly recognise your configuration and will work in all cases. Assembling an Expansion Module to your RF Explorer is very easy, check this article for more details and contact us if you need additional information.

    Order the top cover for the correct assembly for the new expansion board here: CNC Top Cover

    RF Explorer RFEM2.4G Expansion Module supplied parts. 
    RF Explorer RFEM2.4G Expansion Module supplied parts.


    • Easy to plug in your RF Explorer unit, compatible with all models.
    • Extend band coverage to popular 2.4Ghz technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee.
    • Extend internal FLASH and RAM memory for additional capabilities.


    • Frequency band coverage: 2350-2550 MHz
    • Standard SMA 50 Ohm connector, a matching antenna is included
    • RF Generator
    • 50 Ohm 2.4GHz antenna included

    Detailed Specification Comparison Chart:

    Spectrum Analyser Frequency (MHz) 15-2700 240-960 2350-2550
    Spectrum Analyser Span (MHz) 0.112-100 0.112-100 0.112-100
    Frequency resolution (kHz) 1.0 1.0 1.0
    DANL typical (dBm) -110 -115 -105
    Amplitude resolution (dBm) 0.5 0.5 0.5
    Automatic RBW (kHz) 2.6-600 2.6-600 58-812
    Graphics LCD (pixels) 128x64 128x64 128x64
    LCD Backlight 5 levels 5 levels 5 levels
    LCD Contrast 10 levels 10 levels 10 levels
    RF Impedance (Ohm) 50 50 50
    RF Absolute Max input power (dBm) +30 +5 +5
    RF Max measurable input power
    (dBm) (**)
    -5 - left
    -10 - right
    -5 -5
    RF Generator Frequency (MHz) Not available Not available 2350-2550
    RF Generator Power (dBm) Not available Not available -30 to +1
    Wi-Fi Analyser 13 channels Not available 13 channels
    DSP Filter/Fast Fast Fast
    Frequency accuracy (typical) 10ppm 10ppm 10ppm
    Frequency stability (typical) 10ppm 10ppm 10ppm
    Amplitude stability (typical) ±1dBm ±1dBm ±1dBm
    Amplitude accuracy (typical) ±6dBm ±3dBm ±3dBm
    RF DC decoupled Yes Yes No
    Max RF DC Voltage (V) 16 16 0.3
    Extra RAM 64KB 64KB 64KB
    Extra ROM 2MB 2MB 2MB
    Antenna included NA-773 NA-773 Whip 2.4GHz
    EVA Case included Yes Optional Optional


    • Note: All 2.4GHz models support now an extended frequency band from 2350 to 2550MHz by a simple firmware upgrade to v1.08 or newer.
    • Note: WSUB1G and WSUB3G models can work with frequency span higher than 100MHz (up to 600MHz) by a simple firmware upgrade to v1.11 or newer.
    • (**) Note some frequency ranges may have a more limited, lower measurable range. Please contact us for more details on a particular frequency range if you need to measure input power close to -10dBm. In all cases, using a 20 or 30dB attenuator is suggested in order to lower the input power to a -30 or -40dBm range, as it will exhibit better behaviour by limiting spurious and signal overload. If you use an attenuator, you also improve the VSWR of the measurement and can be adjusted in OffsetDB parameter of RF Explorer ATTENUATOR MENU in order to read the exact value on screen, saving you from doing any math.