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Mundorf 8.2uF 400V M-Cap Capacitor

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    SKU: Mundorf-MCAP-8u2-400V-Capacitor Mundorf 8.2uF 400V M-Cap Capacitor

    $9.50 each
    Size Approx: 24 x 39 mm approx.
    Tolerance: ±3%
    Brand: Mundorf
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    The M-Cap is an audiophile metallised polypropylene capacitor, type MKP. In the selection of the materials used, special attention was given to the sound properties. Great care is taken during the production which guarantees constant high quality and the best electrical and mechanical tolerances. The virtually induction-free type of construction and the low loss factor of the MCap results in a very 'quick' capacitor. The M-Cap forms the basis for vivid music reproduction rich in nuance.

    They are equally suitable as a bypass condenser in high quality loudspeaker frequency crossovers or as a coupling capacitance in valve and transistor amplifiers. Upgrades or modifications to existing audio devices include CD players, pre-amps, DACs and more is also possible with these capacitors.

    Specifications across the range:

    • Capacitance: 0.01 - 330 µF
    • Voltage rating: 250 / 400 / 630 /1000 VDC (Not all voltages available for all values)
    • Dielectric Film: Metallised Polypropylene
    • Tolerance: ± 3% (± 5% for 250V versions)
    • Loss factor: tan d = 0.0002 (for 1 kHz @ 1 µF)
    • Permissible Ambient Temperature: 85°C / 185°F
    • Dimensions are diameter x length (shown under the price above.)
    • Note dimensions give are approximate and can vary slightly. If you need the exact size, please check with us first.