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MOST Power Amplifier Replacement

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    mObridge MOST25 to Suit Many Car Fitted with Factory MOST Amplifiers

    This is a replacement for the factory amplifier that often fails, or if you are upgrading the audio system. Improved performance at a lower cost! Programmable for various cars, the factory amps often failed. Factory replacements are about double or triple the cost of this unit. A wiring adaptor is included in most cases for direct connection, then you only need to wire up the heavy-duty power supply connections (see notes below).

    The mObridge MOST25 amplifier provides seamless aftermarket amplifier integration with selected MOST25 infotainment systems to further enhance your vehicle’s listening experience. Powered by a Blackfin DSP, the mObridge MOST25 amplifier provides 8.1.1 channels of advanced DSP and amplification, allowing for an unprecedented level of audio quality in your vehicle. The mObridge MOST25 Amplifier has been specifically designed to interface seamlessly into the vehicle bus network for unprecedented audio reproduction.

    Compatible With:-

    • Contact us for vehicle versions.


    • Power Amplifier unit
    • Power leads - these need to be connected to a high current 12V DC source (for example, directly to the battery and fused) - professional installation is highly recommended - extra parts for the power connection will be needed.
    • Manual
    • Note the unit is not the same size as the original (smaller volume), so will need to be mounted securely in place.

    Seamless Integration

    The mObridge MOST25 amplifier interfaces seamlessly with the controls of the vehicle. Volume, fade, balance, bass, and treble remain completely controllable via the existing vehicle controls, and all factory audio such as parking sensors, navigation, voice, and telephone are integrated to behave exactly as per the original system. This means that unlike other integration options, there is no need for mounting of any additional controls inside the vehicle. The vehicle will look and feel stock, with exceptional audio quality.

    Blackfin DSP

    The heart of the device is a 533MHz Blackfin Digital Signal Processor (DSP). With it, the mObridge MOST25 amplifier is capable of concurrently running advanced DSP algorithms on all 8.1.1 channels. Output powers listed vary due to the software configuration to match the Benz factory speakers.

    • 6x 150W Channels @ 4ohms
    • 2x 300W Channels @ 4ohms
    • 1x 500W Subwoofer Channel @ 4ohms (or 800W @ 2 Ohms)
    • 1x 4V RMS pre-out

    mObridge MOST25 Amplifier Fibre Optic Connection View
    mObridge MOST25 Amplifier Fibre Optic Connection View

    mObridge MOST25 Amplifier Main Connection View
    mObridge MOST25 Amplifier Main Connection View

    The subwoofer pre-out provides a 4V RMS output to give you the flexibility to add a secondary powered subwoofer to enhance your audio experience further. Note: All channel power ratings are peak values at 4 Ohms unless specified otherwise.

    mObridge MOST25 Amplifier Dimensions (approx.)
    mObridge MOST25 Amplifier Dimensions (approx.)