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56uF 250V MKT Film Capacitor

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    SKU: MU-MKT56u-250V 56uF 250V MKT Film Capacitor

    $23.00 each
    Size Approx: 37 x 28 x 48 mm
    Tolerance: ±5%
    Brand: Mundorf
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    56uF 250V MKT Film Capacitor.
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    MKT capacitors are metallised polyester film capacitors. They range both in price and in quality between the low-loss Mundorf M-Cap and the inexpensive bipolar electrolytic capacitors. The loss factor of an MKT capacitor is about 20 times that of an M-Cap, but less than a tenth of the loss factor of a bipolar electrolytic capacitor. They are used both as parallel capacitors in high-end equipment as well as in signal paths of good but affordably designed crossover components.


    • Dielectric: Polyester
    • Dielectric strength: 250 VDC
    • Tolerance: ± 5%
    • Loss factor: tan ∂ < 0.005 at 1kHz
    • Wire length approx. 55mm
    • Wire diameter: 0.8mm