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0.27mH Copper Foil Air Core Coil 0.16 Ohm DCR

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    SKU: MU-AC0m27-CFC16 0.27mH Copper Foil Air Core Coil 0.16 Ohm DCR

    $40.00 each
    Size Approx: 42 x 24 mm approx.
    Tolerance: ±2%
    Brand: Mundorf
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    Mundorf Air Cored Copper Foil Coils CFC16 - Equivalent approximately to AWG16 or 1.23mm Ø

    MCoil foil coils are wound layer by layer and are of particularly low-capacitive. Their unique performance quality unites the tonal virtues of OFC foil with the clarity and precision, alongside the authenticity of a tightly cemented reel which is virtually microphonic-free. Suitable for high-end mid and high frequency applications. If you want virtually distortion-free but multi-faceted music, you should consider these copper foil coils as your first choice.

    Mundorf MCAP EVO Capacitors

    Foil Coils - FC
    The reproduction of music by coils made of solid metal foil (also referred to as ribbon coils) excels by extraordinary dynamics, unparalleled detail and holographic spatial quality and lowest distortions and discolourations - even finest nuances are represented in a realistic manner. Mundorf foil coils have thus become an integral part of many top-class audiophile products.

    With its individual coils wound on each other, the foil coil corresponds to the physically ideal coil more than any other design. This is for example reflected in the quality of the coil which remains constant up to beyond 100 kilohertz. Furthermore, these coils are particularly low-capacitive, even though the similarity to a wound capacitor suggests the opposite so that even very high frequencies are isolated effectively. In addition, the large surface of the metal film improves the effective conductivity for higher-frequency alternating current (skin effect).

    Another remarkable feature is the high mechanical stability of these coil types, which are carefully baked by hand: due to the large contact surface between the individual windings and the visco-plastic isolation of the polypropylene foil the oscillations of the individual windings are eliminated effectively.

    Air Core Coils
    The ideal core material for coils is air. Air cored coils are, for physical reasons, superior to all metal core coils as far as accurate pulse reproduction and freedom from distortion are concerned. They can be used in all areas; either as highpass filter in the middle frequency range, as bass coil (with large conductor cross section) or in correcting components (with thin wire cross section). Precision, dynamic, subtle tonal gradations, great detail and liveliness distinguish coils with air core from all others. In high-quality speakers, they are thus the basis for realistic and harmonic musical enjoyment.

    OFC Copper
    Coils that use oxygen-free copper (99.997% purity) as conductor material are characterised by a harmonic, stereophonic reproduction of music, rich in detail, and an excellent price / performance ratio.

    Dimensions and Specifications:

    • Tolerance: ± 2%
    • Copper Foil: 70µ / OFC 99.99% - oxygen free copper
    • Foil width x height: 17 x 0.07 mm
    • Insulation: Polypropylene 20µm
    • Central bore: 6mm
    • Equivalent approximately to: AWG16 or diameter of 1.23mm or cross-section of 1.19mm2
    • Permissible ambient temperature: 85°C / 185°F
    Mundorf Foil Coil Dimensions