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Monacor DT-300 Tweeter

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    Monacor DT-300 Hi-fi Dome Tweeter - 100 WMAX - 50 WRMS - 8 Ohm

    Part-No.: 10.2250

    Hi-fi dome tweeters with large cone area For extra high dynamic power also in case of low crossover frequencies. An ideal solution with excellent, brilliant sound at the same time.

    • 30 mm silk cone
    • Low resonant frequency
    • Excellent dynamic response and a high stability, even with low crossovers
    • Ferrofluid of high liquidity for a fine brilliance
    • Especially suitable for high-performance applications and D'Appolito arrangements in the top hi-fi range


    Klang+Ton 06/2014
    "Used in the speaker building concept MonaLisa: usually rather unobtrusive with a harmonised tuning, this speaker can still show an impressive performance, even at very high volume levels and when listening over longer periods of time. It provides a powerful bass and midrange reproduction and features an elegance which can only be realised with high-quality materials."

    HiFi-Selbstbau, Online magazine 2008
    "Due to its large dome diameter of 30mm and the high efficiency of 92dB/2.83V/m, the DT-300 is destined for higher sound pressure levels and lower crossover frequencies. Perfectly suitable for 2-way systems of high volume levels with a crossover frequency of > 2.1kHz, available at a very competitive price."

    Perfect match: DT-300 and WG-300 wave guide!

    "The DT-300 with waveguide is the better one: the waveguide allows for sound pressure levels which are even higher or of even lower distortion (K3). The waveguide is available at a very reasonable price."


    Monacor DT-300 Frequency Response Graph
    Monacor DT-300 Frequency Response Graph.


    Monacor DT300 Dimensions.
    Monacor DT300 Dimensions.


    • Impedance (Z): 8 Ohm
    • Resonant frequency (fs): 750Hz
    • Max. frequency range: fx-19,000Hz
    • Rec. crossover freq. (12dB): 2,000Hz
    • Music power: 100W MAX
    • Power rating (P): 50W RMS
    • SPL (1W/1m): 93dB
    • Voice coil diameter: 30mm
    • Magnet diameter: 80mm
    • Mounting cutout diameter: 89mm (approx.)
    • Mounting depth: 53mm (approx.)
    • Dimensions (diameter): 116mm (approx.)
    • Weight: 700g (approx.)