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Monacor RBT-95 Ribbon Tweeter

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    SKU: M-102250-RBT95 Monacor RBT-95 Ribbon Tweeter

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    Brand: Monacor
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    Monacor RBT-95 Ribbon Tweeter - 60 WMAX - 30 WRMS, 8 Ohm

    Part-No.: 10.2250

    • Magnetostatic tweeter / speaker with a high efficiency
    • Perfectly fine dynamic reproduction of the high range and the brilliance frequency range
    • Power capability of the system can be considerably increased by using voltage dividers and even higher crossover frequencies
    • Very light sound of low distortion which particularly improves the stereophony in applications from 5 kHz onwards
    • By adding a super tweeter above 8-10 kHz, e.g. even high-quality full range systems can be further improved

    Review: Klang+Ton 06/2006

    "A very favourable price and amazingly good measured values ... simply showed a perfect performance."


    • Technical Facts Speakers Impedance (Z): 8 Ohm
    • Resonant frequency: (fs) 4,500Hz
    • Max. frequency range: fx-22,000Hz
    • Rec. crossover freq. (12dB: 5,000Hz
    • Music power: > 60WMAX
    • Power rating: > 30WRMS
    • SPL (1W/1m): 98dB
    • Mounting cutout: 80 x 45mm (approx.)
    • Mounting depth: 17mm (approx.)
    • Dimensions - diameter: 95mm (approx.)
    • Weight: 120g (approx.)
    Monacor RBT95 frequency response graph.
    Monacor RBT95 frequency response graph.


     Monacor RBT95 technical and dimension diagram.
    Monacor RBT95 technical and dimension diagram.