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KLEI Mains Power Cable gPower2

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    KLEI gPower2 AC Power Cable

    If you want to improve your audio system in one easy step - then get this cable. With the amount of electronic interference around Wifi, lighting, and electronic devices that is about it isn't long until you realise this could be affecting every item in your sound system. Hence affecting your sound.

    If you want precise reproductions of the recordings you are playing then this cable is the key to achieving that. You'll want to re-listen to your favourite and not so favourite recordings to hear them in a new light. You'll enjoy hearing the vocals as they will be realistic and natural. Staging of instruments will be presented in a full, vibrant character, orchestral performances will be rich and real capturing you in the moment.

    KLEI gPower2 AC power cord allows your audio components to exhibit and display a tonal presentation where…

    • The bass extension is quite extraordinary in that it is very low, deep, extended, tight, full, fast, accurate but natural, organic, and engaging.
    • The midrange has a warm, revealing, involving, just so lovely and textural, presentation.
    • The upper midrange is free of glare, clutter, and presented in a liquid and compelling manner.
    • The highs are extremely fast and resolute but are presented without glare, its airy, and real.
    • Available in lengths of 1m and 2m other sizes up to 5m by special order.

    Overall, the presentation is very balanced, refined, lingering, and the layered harmonic texture, that is presented, is excellent. In addition the KLEI gPOWER2 AC power cord is very revealing and presents beautiful timbres and textures of the human voice. The speed of the crack of a drum is mind blowing. The noise floor is exceptionally quite/low but at the same time allowing a detailed and precise reproduction of the recording.

    In a nut shell this cable without effort, gives a riveting performance, it burns in nicely and the longer it has been are running the better it sounds and it keeps on giving more and more musical improvement.


    • KL’s spec’d IEC and AC Plugs
    • KL’s gPOWER technology / architecture
    • KL’s gPOWER Live / Neutral / Ground Formula Recommendations: depending on the audio system…
    • Australian power plug
    • IEC power socket (equipment end)

    Note (KL's Recommendations):

    • Burn-in Time: >100hrs and even >300hrs
    • Settling Time: >1hrs and preferably >24hrs (once unplugged and replugged)


    Totally Wired