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IC Module AD825

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    Op-amp type:

    The AD825 is a very popular op-amp with builders and upgraders. Made by Analog Devices, its sonic qualities are well known. Featuring high-speed and low noise characteristics coupled with a favourable tonal quality make the AD825 a worthwhile upgrade!

    Download Datasheet PDF Download the AD825 datasheet. (701 KB)
    PDF files use Adobe Acrobat® Reader®, which is available here if required.

    The AD825 is only available as a 8-pin surface mount device with a single internal op-amp. This means that it can be difficult to replace many leaded op-amps which usually have two internal op-amps (dual op-amp) in the one IC. For this reason we can supply an adapter PCB to make this easy!

    A single or dual op-amp replacement package is available. Please check which you require!


    • CD / DVD / SACD player upgrades.
    • DAC output buffer.
    • ADC input buffer.
    • Low distortion filter.
    • Audio amplifier.
    • Mixed gain stages.