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IC Module AD8066

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    The AD8066 is a new dual op-amp gaining popularity with builders and upgraders. Made by Analog Devices, it features high-speed and low noise characteristics coupled with a favourable tonal quality. It provides precision, accuracy, detail, timing, clean and dynamic sound.

    Download Datasheet PDF Download the AD8066 datasheet. (365 KB)
    PDF files use Adobe Acrobat® Reader®, which is available here if required.

    The AD8066 is only available as a 8-pin surface mount device with dual internal op-amps. This means that it can be difficult to replace many leaded op-amps. For this reason we can supply it on an adapter PCB to make this easy!

    The dual AD8066 module is best used where as little crosstalk as possible is required.

    Note: The AD8066 has a maximum voltage rating of ±12V (24V), so please ensure your supply voltages do not exceed this!


    • CD / DVD / SACD player upgrades.
    • DAC output buffer.
    • ADC input buffer.
    • Low distortion filter.
    • Audio amplifier.
    • Mixed gain stages.