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High Level to RCA Line Converter

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    High Output Line Converter

    Integrate your power amplifier and car radio with our high output line converter. Simply put, if you have a radio that does not have line outputs, then this device will allow you to connect an amplifier to that radio via the normal speaker outputs of the radio.

    This unit is small and has been designed to optimise audio levels between radio and amplifier to achieve the best performance whilst avoiding noise.

    Suggested Applications:

    • Add a power amp to a radio without RCA outputs (for example VDO or Continental radios, older Becker systems)
    • Add RCA outputs from an original factory radio (in select vehicles)
    • Level match / attenuate existing RCA output audio

    Simply supply the interface with constant power and earth and your aftermarket amplifier or certain OEM amplifier can be triggered to turn on with a music source like factory.


    • 4 Channel input / output (audio left and right; front and rear)
    • Built in remote turn-on circuit; 12V, 1 A max.
    • Level gain controls
    • Ultra compact housing