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GPS Satellite Speed Signal Sender

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    GPS Speed Signal Sender

    The GPS Speed Signal Sender includes a magnetic mount GPS antenna and is a compact speed pulse generator providing proportional speed pulses to devices requiring such data, such as taxi meters, vehicle logging, FMS, fleet vehicles, car racing and more. It uses the GPS, BeiDOU and GLONASS satellite networks for greater accuracy. Using the data it receives from the satellites the unit calculates three-dimensional ground speed and provides a pulsed output compatible with mechanical speed senders. Useful for when CANBUS interfaces are unable to be used, or a secondary speed signal is required for redundancy or legislative requirements.

    If the satellite Speed Sender is being used to calculate distance, there is an option to recover distance lost whilst the unit has no view of the sky such as in tunnels. It can via a setting approximates the distance lost as a straight line and adds pulses to the outputs until the lost distance has been recovered. Note that the vehicle speed will increase artificially whilst the speed sender is adding back the pulses.

    Being a high technology solution it is not dependant on vehicle specific parameters. This is a replacement for mechanical speed senders making installs even quicker.


    • GPS, BeiDOU and GLONASS signals for greater accuracy
    • Simple electrical installation
    • No GPS calibration required
    • Gold-plated SMA aerial connection
    • Magnetic mount aerial included (inside use)
    • Variable pulse rates available between 1000 – 10,000 pulses per km (ppk)
    • Four selectable fixed pulse rates: 2000, 4000, 8000 and 50,000 pulses per km (ppk)
    • Optional tunnel distance correction (internal switching to add back distance lost in tunnels.)
    • Multi-voltage: 12 / 24 V DC
    • Suitable for harsh automotive environments; transient voltage protection on the supply and short circuit protected outputs.
    • ABS plastic enclosure with provision for screw mounting when required.
    • Red and green LEDs for status information.


    • Input Voltage: Minimum 9V DC; Maximum 36V DC
    • Power consumption: 480mW
    • Height: 21mm (approx.)
    • Length: 67mm (approx.)
    • Width: 50mm (approx.)
    • Aerial cable length: 3m (approx.)
    • 12 month warranty
    • Differential output pulses square wave, peak to peak 5V, DC 2.5V; maximum current drain 25mA
    • Acquisition time, loss of lock less than 2s (90% of the time)
    • Acquisition time, temp loss of power less than 10s (50% of the time), less than 13s (90% of the time)
    • Acquisition time, power-up less than 38s (50% of the time), less than 42s (90% of the time)
    • Accuracy, horizontal less than 5m (50% of the time), less than 8m (90% of the time)
    • Accuracy, altitude less than 10m (50% of the time), less than 16m (90% of the time)
    • Precision, velocity less than 0.06m/sec or 0.22km/h
    • Operating temperature: −40°C to 85°C; 5% to 95% relative humidity
    • Update rate 10 times per second (10Hz)
    • 56 channel tracking receiver
    • Battery backup: 12 days

    Due to the ability to track a wide variety of satellites simultaneously and the enhanced receiver sensitivity along with the active antenna it is able to give fast time-first-velocity calculation. It also has the ability to operate in difficult RF environments such as valleys and cities.

    Last known position and satellite information critical to fast start-up are battery backed in case of power failure. Three dimensional velocity calculations are accurate to 0.2 km/h and pulse output rates are updated 10 times per second.

    Power to the unit and pulse outputs are provided through four coloured coded wires.

    For optimum performance the antenna should be mounted horizontally and upright; and should have a clear view of the sky.