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ETI Research Cable Pod Binding Post

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    SKU: ETI-Cablepod ETI Research Cable Pod Binding Post

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    The ETI CablePod Binding Post - the best binding post connector for audio electronics and speakers.

    • Tellurium Copper. No Brass, no Nickel. Clean, unrestrained conductivity for the purest listening experience.
    • Elegant geometry creates low mass conductors for reduced capacitive and inductive reactance, while high strength polymer parts minimise EMF, EFI and RFI influences.
    • Proprietary clamping mechanism. Telescoping collar securely captures spades and bare wire without rotational abrasion.

    The ETI CablePod elegantly addresses every important design challenge relating to sound quality in a binding post. It carefully balances improved electron flow with mechanical integrity and does so in a binding post that is compatible with all common loudspeaker cable terminations. The right base metals of high purity Tellurium Copper with direct plated 24k Gold were used. Careful attention was paid to the thickness and mass of the contact element. In subverting visual appeal to improved performance we went where few other manufacturers in our experience have gone. Eichmann devoted months of calculations based on the S/G Ratio, experimentation and machining, all with the sole and overriding purpose of creating a contact element that is ideal in size and shape to support current flow but to minimise skin effect. Rather than sandwiching the spade or bare wire between two metal surfaces, we created a unique telescoping mechanism in which a high strength polymer captures the speaker termination and presses it snugly against a single metal conducting surface. The reduced mass of metal and the unique clamping mechanism provide both better sound and a more secure connection.

    Eichmann removed the typical binding post securing nut from the conductive path by incorporating an over moulded polymer thread to insulate the nut from the contact element. Not until now has so much attention been given or time devoted to improving the electron flow, signal integrity, and sound quality in a binding post. The ETI CablePod offers improvements in these areas of such significance they simply must be heard to be believed. Don't compromise your loudspeakers or amplifiers. Use CablePods for the cleanest signal transfer.


    • Conductors: Gold flashed Tellurium Copper
    • Construction: High strength, temperature resistant, electrically inert polymer over-moulds and injection moulded parts
    • Spade locking mechanism: Telescoping clamp, non-abrasive Maximum chassis wall thickness: 8mm
    • Hole size: 8.5mm
    • Maximum protruding height outside the enclosure is 29mm and maximum protruding diameter is 18mm
    • Maximum protruding depth inside the enclosure is 13mm (2mm wall thickness) or 7mm (8mm wall thickness) and maximum protruding diameter is 16.5mm (around the washer)
    • It is a true 5 way binding post.
    • CablePod binding posts can be mounted separately at any required spacing. The 3/4 inch mounting plate is supplied but can be removed.
    • Each pack contains 2 pair binding posts with removable mounting plates (for two speakers or bi-wiring one speaker).
    Eichmann Cable Pod banana plugs.
    Eichmann Cable Pod banana plugs.

    How the Cable Pod has Improved

    • New polymer used in pin over-moulding and mechanical parts for heavy duty use, longer life and robust strength.
    • The new polymer also has increased the clamping force on spade connectors.