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Diode 4A 600V Hexfred

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    Everybody knows how important the power supply of any piece of hi-fi equipment is. But how do you upgrade it? One way is to replace the bridge rectifier diodes with these hyperfast, soft recovery diodes. They can easily cope with the changes on the current draw from the transformer plus don't have the distortion and harshness that usually accompanies normal diodes. This results in an improvement in overall sound quality, a lower noise floor and better dynamics.

    FRED, or Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode have a extremely fast response time, high current capacity and very little overshoot (ringing). It is important to match up the current / voltage requirements. Usually for non-amplified devices, the 8A / 600V versions will suffice and for power amplifiers, the 12 or 15A / 1000V is usually required. It is also important to take heat dissipation into account, particularly for the high-power versions and heat sinking is likely to be required.