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CANGO FMS Interface Cable with Bluetooth

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    CANGO FMS Interface Cable with Bluetooth

    The CANGO Bluetooth interface cable and device is a hardware add-on option for the FMS interface. This hardware allows a similar data output format as the serial output cable option but via Bluetooth. With the Bluetooth connection you will be able to choose the frames and configure it and update the firmware by using the optional CANfigurator software. The communication with telematics systems with ASCII protocol for "Driver Behaviour Analyses" can be done more easily than ever using the Bluetooth "cable like" option on the FMS interface. It's like a wire replacement with smart buffering of telematics data transmitting on the serial port.


    • Can be easily connected with any smartphone or tablet and in this way will successfully replace any modem on the market. (Needs optional software not supplied)
    • The present RS232 connection can be replaced with the CANGO Bluetooth (BT) device as the protocol remains the same.
    • It's applicable in a wide range of domains such as telematic, fleet management, driver behaviour, real-time monitoring and coaching.
    • Easy setup with CANfigurator software (optional)
    • OTAP (Over The Air Provisioning) capable
    • Easy installation for all type of vehicles (refer to CANGO FMS device for full vehicle and equipment listing)


    • 24 pin Molex Cable: with 2x CAN, 1x J1708, 1x K-line, 1x L-line, Bluetooth, VDC, Ground
    • Length: 1m (approx.)
    • Part No: CANGO 9164-BT
    Example CANGO Bluetooth connections.
    Example CANGO Bluetooth connections.