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    Car Audio Security Code / PIN Numbers

    We are able to supply lost code or PIN numbers for many Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Chrysler, older BMW, Maserati, Becker and other radios. The units must have been manufactured by Becker or we cannot supply the code. We will require the full model and the serial number of the radio unit mounted in the dash, see below for exceptions.

    Delivery of code numbers by email or telephone is free. A printed card will NOT be issued. Delivery time is usually within 1 - 24 hours during business days, however can take longer. If you do not receive the code within 48 business hours, please contact us.


    Important Notes:

    By purchasing a code / pin number, you agree that you are the legal owner of the unit in question or a legitimate agent acting with permission on behalf of the owner.

    It is your responsibility to ensure you supply the correct details and that the unit is fully functioning; once a payment has been made there is no return on the code. If the wrong details are provided or the unit turns out to be faulty, then you will have to purchase the code again or have the unit repaired.

    Examples of Coded Radios (Many others are available):


    • Mexico 795
    • Mexico 869 (Important - serial number must be taken from rear tuner / amplifier unit)
    • Grand Prix 1402
    • Mexico 1403
    • Mexico 874
    • Mexico 1435
    • Grand Prix 2140
    • Mexico 2340
    • Grand Prix 2245
    • Europa 2045
    • Grand Prix 2132
    • Grand Prix 2247
    • Porsche CDR-21 (BE2260 & BE2280)
    • Grand Prix 2232
    • Solitude 2039
    • Solitude 2239
    • Mexico 4337
    • Porsche CDR-22 (BE4467)
    • Porsche CDR-32
    • Ferrari CCR-4377
    • Mexico 4327
    • Mexico 4370
    • Mexico Pro 4625
    • Mexico Pro 4627
    • Mexico Pro 4937
    • Porsche CDR-220 (BE4462 & BE6625)
    • Audio 10 (BE3101, BE3200)
    • Audio 30 (BE3308, BE3318)
    • Sound 30 (BE4603, BE4613)
    • Mexico Pro 6104 (Ferrari)
    • Mexico 7803
    • Mexico 6904 (Aston Martin)
    • Many more...

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