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BDE Digital Output Module

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    SKU: BDE-DIG1 BDE Digital Output Module

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    Coaxial Digital Output Upgrade

    This module will add or upgrade an Coaxial Digital Output to many digital sources such as CD Players to enable coaxial output of but also to LaserDisc, DVD, CD, MD and DAT machines if they do not have one already. Many devices have poor quality digital outputs and this kit will improve the output quality while reducing timing errors known as jitter. You can also convert an existing optical output to a coaxial digital output, which is widely regarded as giving a better digital signal with less jitter.

    Coaxial Digital Features:

    • Supports up to 192 kHz / 24 bit.
    • Supports Dolby DigitalTM and DTSTM.
    • High speed.
    • Lowers jitter levels.
    • Simple connection.
    Sample BDE Dig-1 output  location.
    Sample BDE Dig-1 output location.

    It is not recommended to add an Optical Digital Output unless you have a specific reason for doing so. The reason is that you will obtain a superior quality Digital signal from a Coaxial connection than with optical. Optical requires conversion of the electrical signal to light and back again, resulting in extra jitter, hence ultimately degradation of the sound.

    With the special ultra fast high quality Coaxial Digital Output you can connect your player to any external D/A-Converter to raise the sound quality. Connected to a DAT or MD recorder you can make direct digital recordings with your machine.

    Our high-speed Coaxial Digital Output upgrade kit can also be installed on any digital device already containing an optical or digital output! This kit contains a specially designed board with ground decoupling circuit, high speed driving unit and a high speed Digital Audio Output Transformer.

    You can also install this kit in any digital device (CD, LD, DVD, MD, DAT) which has one of the following integrated circuits inside (others may be possible):

    • CXD1135
    • CXD2500
    • CXD2507
    • CXD2518
    • LC 78681
    • LC78620/78621
    • LC78630
    • TC9284
    • MN6626

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