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0.056uF 600V Auricap

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    SKU: AU-0U056-600-10 0.056uF 600V Auricap

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    Size Approx: D13.5 x L17.5 mm approx.
    Brand: Auricap
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    D x L (cm): 1.47 x 1.65

    How to Connect Auricap Capacitors

    • In signal path applications the black lead is "in" and the red lead is "out."
    • In power supplies the black lead should be connected to ground and the red lead to the + or - voltage.
    • In loudspeaker crossovers the red lead should be connected toward the + terminal on the drive unit.

    Capacitor Bypassing

    Auricap recommend NOT using bypass capacitors in the signal path. A single capacitor for DC blocking / AC coupling creates a simple path with one time constant. The signal quality will be compromised if a bypass or multiple bypass capacitors are added to a signal path capacitor. Bypass capacitors were used in the past to bypass low quality film capacitors or electrolytic capacitors. The bypass was the lesser of two evils. With the advent of better quality film capacitors the need for a bypass capacitor was eliminated. Bypass capacitors create multiple signal paths with multiple time constants. These time constants are very short but they can still be heard as a smear or overall loss of focus.

    However they do recommend bypassing power supply capacitors. This maintains a low source impedance to the power supply over a wide bandwidth. If budget and space permit it is good to use multiple value power supply bypass capacitors with the smallest value being installed directly at the active device. (Valve or transistor.)

    n. [ME. audience; OFr. audience; L. audientia, a hearing, listening, from audiens, ppr. of audire, to hear.]

    Audience is famous for their superb Auricap high resolution capacitors. Manufactured using sophisticated techniques and using the best available materials, these metallised polypropylene capacitors are regarded world-wide as one of the best sounding capacitors. They are available in several high voltage ratings (200V, 400V and 600V) and in many different values including non-standard ones. See the menu at the top of the page for links to the various voltages available.

    Auricap - 'World's Finest Capacitor'