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Audio Note RCA Plug Teflon

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    SKU: AN-P Audio Note RCA Plug Teflon

    $75.00 per pair
    Brand: Audio Note
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    Audio Note AN-P/6 single piece construction with heavy silver plating RCA plug. Includes Teflon insulation and is non-magnetic. Suitable for very high-end cables as an upgrade to existing ones or for when you are "rolling" your own! Silver solder is recommend. Supplied as a pair, one red and one black.

    • Cable "tail" end internal diameter: 6mm.
    • External diameter: 13mm
    • Overall length: 40mm

    Background Information

    Audio Note looked for a solution to this for several years, because making the finest silver cables only to connect them to the amplifier or speaker via a thinly gold plated plug and socket seemed counterproductive to them. The solution was thick silver plating - really thick, not the usual 7 - 10 micron traditionally used, but plated with 60 - 70 micron of high grade pure silver.

    Do they tarnish, you will now ask. Yes they do, and they will need to be cleaned occasionally for the very best sound, however Audio Note has found that the corrosion has far better sonic properties than virtually any other material, so most of the sonic advantage is still present even when they are black with corrosion!